Why Papilior

Papilior is an endeavour that plans to change the way jewellery is sold in the online Indian marketplace. To give you an idea about why Papilior is better than all other jewellery retailers, let us take a look at how we operate differently from everyone else.

How Online Jewellery Retailers Work?

Almost all the jewellery retailers offering diamonds and jewellery online carry products from a large number of manufacturers and wholesalers. Once the customer selects a product online, it is either sourced from a wholesaler or ordered from one of the company’s partner manufacturers. Since the company selling the product does not manufacture it, all these jewellery products are sold at prices where the company adds its own margins and profits to the manufacturer’s or the wholesaler’s price. This not only makes jewellery costlier for the consumer but also leads to a dilution in quality standards because of jewellery being sourced from many different vendors.

How Papilior Works?

In total variance to how others in the online jewellery retail space operate, Papilior works on a system where almost all middlemen are eliminated from the jewellery and diamond manufacturing chain. Most Papilior’s diamonds are sourced raw from the mines and then cut and polished under expert supervision at our own diamond manufacturing facility. Similarly, all Papilior jewellery is produced at our in-house manufacturing facility under strict supervision and stringent quality guidelines. This ensures that each and every product that we sell is very high quality and finish. Not only this but by using our own manufacturing units, we considerably bring down the cost of jewellery, which is then passed on to you our customer.

Why Shop on Papilior?

100% Certified Jewellery:

Each one of our pieces is certified, which means we offer you exactly what we promise. All Papilior diamond and gemstone jewellery is certified by New-York based IGI, which is renowned for its extremely stringent certifications and consistent grading. All gold jewellery is certified and hallmarked by the BIS.

Designer Collection:

At Papilior you will find designs like never before as we have our own in-house expert designing team. Every single aspect, occasion and taste is kept in mind while our designers pour their creativity and knowledge into intricate and delicate designing techniques. At Papilior you will find only and only Designer jewellery as our team has received professional education and experience in the field; seeing closely what goes into making the kind of jewellery you will fall for at the very first sight. Our designs are unique, contemporary and sometimes abstract. Inspired by the world around us and channelling that into our designs is what Papilior designers are meant to do, and so they do with utmost care.

Mines to Market to Your doorstep:

Most of our diamonds and gemstones are sourced rough from the mines and cut and polished in our diamond manufacturing facility following the stringent quality guidelines of the IGI. By sourcing and processing our own diamonds, we eliminate all middlemen costs, making diamonds more affordable for our customers.

Totally Transparent Pricing:

Pricing at Papilior is not only competitive, it is also completely transparent. When you buy a diamond or a piece of jewellery from us, you can rest assured that you are getting the best price possible, because we do not believe in hidden charges. We provide an invoice with complete bifurcation of the price of the product you have ordered.

Stringent Focus on Quality:

Papilior has been created with the sole focus of providing the Indian jewellery consumer with high-quality jewellery at competitive rates. Each one of our designs is developed and finished under strict supervision to match our strict quality policy. Our jewellery pieces and diamonds are checked after each and every step by independent quality checkers and each piece is certified by a third party certification authority.