Bangle Size

Not sure what your bangle size is? Don’t worry, because help is at hand, with this easy guide for finding out your exact bangle size.

Method 1:

In case you already own a bangle that fits you perfectly, and is a size that you want to keep wearing, then take a ruler or a measuring tape, and keep your bangle on it in order to measure its exact inner diameter. The diameter of your bangle will be an imaginary line passing through the center of the circle that your bangle makes. Use the below mentioned chart to determine your exact bangle size once you know the inner diameter of your bangle.

Indian Bangle Size Diameter
  MM Inches
2-2 54 2.125
2-4 57.2 2.25
2-6 60.3 2.375
2-8 63.5 2.5
2-10 66.7 2.625
2-12 69.9 2.75
2-14 73 2.875
3 76.3 3

Method 2:

In order to find out your bangle size, you can also measure the circumference of your hand using a tape measure, a thread or a ribbon. Hold your hand as you would when you want to put a bangle on, touching your thumb to your little finger and bringing all other fingers as close as possible. Now wrap a ribbon or a thread around the portion of your hand that is the widest when your hand is folded in the bangle wearing pose. Mark the place where the thread or ribbon meets its other end with a pen. Open out the thread or ribbon and place it on a ruler or tape measure. The length of the ribbon or thread in inches or millimeters will be the circumference of your hand. Once you know the circumference of your hand, you can use it to determine your exact bangle size using the chart below:

Indian Bangle Size Circumference
  MM Inches
2-2 169.4 6.67
2-4 179.6 7.06
2-6 189.5 7.46
2-8 199.4 7.85
2-10 209.3 8.24
2-12 219.5 8.64
2-14 229.4 9.03
3 239.3 9.42