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  1. track line diamond bangle Customize
    ₹116,771 ₹145,215
    Save ₹28,444
  2. gold diamond bangle
    ₹81,409 ₹90,463
    Save ₹9,054
  3. maze line gold bangle-Ready To Ship
    ₹62,029 ₹65,638
    Save ₹3,609
  4. Track Diamond Bangle
    ₹111,589 ₹130,114
    Save ₹18,525
  5. antra navratna bangle new
    ₹103,799 ₹105,079
    Save ₹1,280
  6. avila navratna bangle
    ₹47,760 ₹51,273
    Save ₹3,513
  7. antra navratna bangle
    ₹147,850 ₹171,600
    Save ₹23,750
  8. akrishti navratna bangle
    ₹99,385 ₹108,099
    Save ₹8,714
  9. agniya navratna bangles
    ₹101,249 ₹110,529
    Save ₹9,280
  10. shriya navratna bangle
    ₹105,945 ₹113,614
    Save ₹7,669
  11. giriva navratna bangle
    ₹63,050 ₹69,602
    Save ₹6,552
  12. shresthin navratna bangle
    ₹38,014 ₹41,071
    Save ₹3,057

Papilior a place where you can find love for you and for your loved ones......

Jewellery Designs

A destination for fine jewels with unparallel designs in diamond jewellery, gold jewellery, solitaire jewellery and gemstone jewellery available in customizations of gold in white, yellow and rose made within elegance. You can see the craftsmanship in the themes dedicated to flowers, pearls, hearts and divinity among many more is something you can indulge in here at What we pride on the most is certification – you have the liberty to select the quality of diamond and purity of gold along which we will be sending you an IGI certificate and BIS hallmark.

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Browse-select-love and get it delivered to your doorstep is the easiest way there is to buy jewellery online India. Experience an online jewellery store where you can find something for everyone and suiting all kinds of taste for all occasions. Simple ethnic wear to bold and trendy choose what you like with services like ready to ship. What means to us the most is keeping up with the latest fashion and making sure we can be name you can trust upon.