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Mangalsutra is the jewellery every woman takes pride in, they celebrate the jewel to keep the tradition alive. Traditional mangalsutras are black bead strings with a diamond or gold elegant pendant, this particular jewellery is gifted to the bride on the day of her wedding as a symbol of her being in the union of marriage and a sign that shows that she’s taken in the sweetest way. While the one very special design is chosen for the wedding day with everything modernising a lot of women like to own casual, traditional and western wear in tanmaniyas and mangalsutras to stay fashion forward. 

Commitment, togetherness, love and care everything and more is what weddings bring when they bring two individuals together and a traditional tanmaniya mangalsutra plays an integral part in it. Make sure you do everything right on this auspicious day and choose from the most amazing traditional mangalsutra designs to find the perfect one suiting her personality, taste and love for either diamonds or gold.