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Perhaps the most elegant of all, solitaire simple mangalsutra design are sure to take your breath away, modern brides today prefer choosing their own style, yes it was customary for the grooms family to provide the Indian mangalsutra design on D - day and though that is still followed a more practice has taken place where the bride can make her selections of tanmaniya mangalsutra before she has to adorn it for the rest of her life.


It a great thing how dazzling diamond mangalsutra pendant brings 2 people together In a holy union, A hearty and much affordable range of modern mangalsutra designs in gold and diamond at papilior are between INR 31,000 to INR 1,00,000 only, these attractive prices for such designer patterns in mangalsutra new design gold with solitaire is certainly a sight to behold. Small mangalsutra design and fancy mangalsutra are the entire buzz with solitaires as they depict power and act as statement jewelry.


      Here are some 

diamond mangalsutra designs with price

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  • Primero Glitter Solitaire Mangalsutra - A gold mangalsutra shaped in a flower with diamonds for petals and a Round solitaire diamond as the bud, now who would say no to that?
  • Stella Solitaire Tanmaniya Mangalsutra - This in its entirety is an elegant simple mangalsutra piece, when looking for diamond mangalsutra online this is a latest mangalsutra designs only Gold that you're bound to love. If you are a fan of big diamond mangalsutra designs and long mangalsutra designs in gold these patterns are made for you - Sensazione Solitaire Tanmaniya and the simple yet bold Halo Solitaire Mangalsutra.

  • Short mangalsutra design in gold are known to be famous in the East Indian states like Maharashtra where married women often wear 2 different Solitaire mangalsutras, one depicting their love for their better half and the other for a deity. 22k gold mangalsutra designs with price are bought time and again when wedding bells are nearing; make sure you check the Laboratory verified certificates for diamond mangalsutra pendant designpurchases and the BIS certificate for the mangalsutra designs in gold with weight and price to have a safe and celebratory experience.

    Looking for 24Kt gold mangalsutra designs with price? look no more - Our Due Solitaire Tanmaniya & Trois Solitaire Tanmaniya are great choices if you like short mangalsutra design in gold and mangalsutra ki design the Shiny Copepa Solitaire Tanmaniya & Kalonice Diamond Studded Gold Tanmaniya are breathtaking long mangalsutra designs. Newlywed brides looking for gold small mangalsutra designs with price to make their first experience of owning a mangalsutra design gold special; you have found your stop with the gold mangalsutra designs latest collections here.