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  1. manali gold mangalsutra-Ready To Ship
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  2. kenisha gold mangalsutra
    ₹18,728 ₹20,199
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  3. lowa gold mangalsutra
    ₹27,110 ₹29,239
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  4. yedda gold mangalsutra
    ₹25,732 ₹27,753
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  5. cosmos gold mangalsutra
    ₹27,739 ₹29,917
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  6. Floret Crocus Mangalsutra
    ₹25,103 ₹27,075
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  7. flannel gold mangalsutra
    ₹24,513 ₹26,438
    Save ₹1,925
  8. manali gold mangalsutra
    ₹35,200 ₹37,490
    Save ₹2,290
  9. akshita gold mangalsutra
    ₹29,168 ₹31,065
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  10. mayuri gold mangalsutra
    ₹35,438 ₹37,743
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  11. girija gold magalsutra
    ₹36,103 ₹38,451
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  12. iris gold mangalsutra
    ₹34,251 ₹36,478
    Save ₹2,227

Symbol of a divine relationship - Gold Mangalsutra Pendant!


Gold is and for centuries have been the most loved form of metal, from its healing properties to the deep bond with the cultures it is certainly a dynamic metal formed in jewellery as a possession holding great value. Gold Mangalsutra is no different; it denotes a sacred bond of love and respect among the two joining in a union. With the Gold mangalsutra price here you have found your wedding jewellery shopping destination.


Gold mangalsutra designs with Price is available to you at with the most intricate and beautiful black beads gold mangalsutra designed and manufactured in-house. The mangalsutra designs in gold with weight and price start at the most pocket friendly segment of INR 15,000 housing modern mangalsutra designs in gold and diamond which goes up to INR 70,000 which will show you the latest mangalsutra designs only gold.


The sacred thread started to spread its love and goodwill in south India where it is also popularly called tanmaniya mangalsutra, making its way to the northern parts of the nation too mangalsutra pendant designs in gold formed an unbreakable bond with the ritual of togetherness. Find your style of gold mangalsutra designs latest when you browse through the collections of mangalsutra design gold on papilior.


No matter your preference we have a wide range of mangalsutra new design to make every single bride feel beautiful and loved. Even though the black beads are a signature with Indian mangalsutra design the fancy mangalsutra seem to have taken the industry by storm. As trendy as long mangalsutra designs in gold are modern women prefer something they would love to wear and flaunt without it affecting their lifestyle hence, simple mangalsutra design.


      These beautiful 

mangalsutra new design gold

       pieces not only keep the traditions alive but also make trendy accessories for 

long mangalsutra online

      daily wear -
    • Pushpangata Gold Mangalsutra - This 22k gold mangalsutra designs with price comes at a steep price range of below INR 25,000 and is a great choice if you like minimalistic long mangalsutra designs.
    • Gaurisuta Gold Mangalsutra - This is one of the most marvelous and sort after short mangalsutra design in gold available in 18k and 22k gold this Ganesh pendant will melt your heart, also available as price range below INR 25,000 only.
    • Ramaayi Gold Mangalsutra, Mythili Gold Mangalsutra and Ahalya Gold Mangalsutra are certainly a sight to behold; these gold small mangalsutra designs with price are just below INR 35,000 and so beautifully designed with delicate patterns.


Scroll through to find 24kt gold mangalsutra designs with price in your favorite tone of gold mangalsutra pendant design and select your choice of cut for the diamond before you proceed, ever single diamond jewellery piece here is custom made as you get to decide exactly what you want. Filter your search for short mangalsutra design in gold with Price and pick gold mangalsutra designs latest for a [email protected] option; shopping for small mangalsutra design has never been so easy.