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The Eternal Thread of Love With Gold Mangalsutra

This is more like a match made in heaven, Gold mangalsutras a jewellery so commonly bought yet unique and precious to every single buyer. The sacred black beads and a pendant of gold representing the union of togetherness with Gold mangalsutra for women right here. with the changing time, trends and lifestyles even this traditional aspect has seen evolution, today women prefer light jewellery that is contemporary in style and design.

Theme Inspired Mangalsuta Designs

We at papilior create them based jewellery here all our Mangalsutra designs are inspired by a them. Most of them are inspired by floral, divine, regional, or by nature. The style is gorgeous as well as delicate. This made her look very traditionally radiant. It can be worn with every outfit and perfect for work ware or daily were or if you wish to use occasionally.

- Floral Inspired Morden Magalsutra- Floral inspiration has been used for jewellery long back and worldwide. Floral motif is loved by women from years now. And it is still most likeable fancy long mangalsutra design we create floral inspired mangalsutra some samples are given below:
Daisy Gold Mangalsutra – contain 6.390 gm gold and available in 18kt and 22kt gold.
Aeindri gold mangalsutra – contain 6.850 gm gold and available in 18kt and 22 kt gold.

- Divine inspired Gold Mangalsutra Designs- As mangalsutra has traditional value, we introduce first time ever ganesha inspired gold mangalsutra.unique in style add more traditional value to mangalsutra. Few of them are below:

Gaurisuta Gold Mangalsutra – contain 5.400 gm gold and available in 18kt and 22 kt gold.
Divine Gajanand Mangalsutra – contain 5.500 gm gold and available in 18kt and 22 kt gold.

- Regional Inspired Gold Mangalsutra and Diamond Mangalsutra-. By tradition, two gold disk of coin size are use, one disc comes from the bride's family and another from the groom's side. we create multiple gold and diamond mangalsutra based on this them few of them are below:

Padmkshi Gold Mangalsutra- contains 6.030 gm gold and available in 18kt and 22 kt gold.
Mythili Gold Mangalsutra – contain 5.990 gm gold and available in 18kt and 22 kt gold.

- Nature Inspired Long Mangalsutra – Nature has lots of beautiful elements to create jewellery. The most preferred them at Papilior. This is liked and sold most. Here are few example of them:

New Dakshayani Gold Mangalsutra – contain 10.620 gm gold and available in 18 kt and 22kt gold.
Ahalya Gold Mangalsutra – contain 7.28 gm gold and available in 18 kt and 22 kt gold.

- You should consider buying mangalsutra online if you prefer an easy and quick way of buying the latest pendant designs. At the same time you can browse thru so many designs of gold mangalsutra option. Which generally offline jewellers are not able to you don’t need to go out of your home while buying jewellery online, it’s most convenient.

These gold mangalsutra designs will serve you with a variety of ethnic and modern both kinds to choose from. Also while women are working and traveling among other things, our craftsmen have designed these mangalsutras delicately to match up with everything you wear. With gold mangalsutra pendant pieces like these, we have made an effort to make them everyday jewellery so you can wear them all the time not because you have to but because you want to.

Our friendly customer service agents can help hone your look and assemble outfits suited just for you. Make the online shopping easy and comfortable; Place more orders and exciting discount to help you spend less while shopping for more! Papilior offers free home delivery with an option of cash on delivery. Friendly go through videos for Simple and designer Gold Mangalsutra designs.:

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