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Mangalsutra is jewellery that needs no introduction, these black bead mangalsutra chain hold a lot of cultural significance and has grown to be just as strong in the modern age as well. Weddings are one of the most sacred ritual in the Indian culture and certainly incomplete without the mangalsutra pendant.


The term Indian mangalsutra itself holds stature at the wedding ceremonies, mangalsutra meaning string of black beads symbolizing a protective spell on the couple to keep at bay all and any negativity, myths suggest that small gold mangalsutra designs depicted a happy and safe married life. Gold mangalsutra are very popular among the traditional crowd where as diamond mangalsutra has come to be a big hit among the more cosmopolitan crowds, you can catch a glimpse of both designs here at papilior


With the wide range of modern mangalsutra designs in gold and diamond available you can make your choice between simple mangalsutra, small mangalsutra design or long mangalsutra designs at the most affordable rates. Starting at just INR 15,000 with the most elegant mangalsutra design the range goes up to INR 1, 00,000 with the latest mangalsutra designs with the most stunning diamond pendants.


Indian women flaunt Tanmaniya Mangalsutra as a sign that they are already in the pure union of marriage, whatever your choice maybe from short mangalsutraartificial mangalsutralong mangalsutra or black beads mangalsutra, you are sure to find something among the 100+ designer collections at papilior. We like to celebrate love with mangalsutra pattern and since weddings are the purest way of affection shown we bring you the sassiest and trendiest selections of mangalsutra pendant design.


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  • Samaira Diamond Mangalsutra - the sheer elegance that this simple mangalsutra design exudes is remarkable with a simple diamond studded pendant.
  • Apraudha Diamond Mangalsutra - mangalsutra new design gold is perfect to describe this ethnic with a touch of modern piece.
  • Uno Solitaire Tanmaniya - Our customer are absolutely crushing on mangalsutra new design with single solitaires, get married in style perhaps?
  • Universal Diamond Mangalsutra - this 22k gold mangalsutra with marquise cut solitaires is a masterpiece of simplicity and grace.
  • Way Links Diamond Mangalsutra - Indian mangalsutra design have come a long way hence this mangalsutra look with the new age pendant pattern is jewellery goals.
  • Shree Diamond Mangalsutra - talking about the trends that have caught up with short mangalsutra design in gold we absolutely couldn't leave out the mesmerizing gemstone fancy mangalsutra.


24kt gold mangalsutra designs with price on papilior speaks volumes of the Divine symbol of unity and love, weddings of course, this is the perfect shop for you to find gold mangalsutra designs latest depicting true love and purity. The Union of marriage has a pureness that goes way beyond just the black beads and rightly so will be seen in our latest mangalsutra designs only Gold.


Spend an eternity with your loved one without wasting much time on mangalsutra designs with price, we've got you covered. Preserve the purity of your relationship with short mangalsutra designs latest and 22k gold mangalsutra designs with price while we take care of everything from making to doorstep delivery.