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  1. Galaxy Solitaire diamond Ring
    ₹27,236 ₹33,655
    Save ₹6,419
  2. Five Stone Solitaire Ring
    ₹86,865 ₹112,201
    Save ₹25,336
  3. floweret diamond ring-Ready To Ship
    ₹19,120 ₹23,326
    Save ₹4,206
  4. carolynn ring-Ready To Ship
    ₹17,101 ₹19,920
    Save ₹2,819
  5. zinnia diamond ring
    ₹18,604 ₹23,243
    Save ₹4,639
  6. bunch of love diamond ring
    ₹29,082 ₹37,094
    Save ₹8,012
  7. prospen diamond ring
    ₹20,965 ₹23,869
    Save ₹2,904
  8. clover leaf twin diamond ring
    ₹15,996 ₹18,579
    Save ₹2,583
  9. twin flowek ring
    ₹32,225 ₹39,891
    Save ₹7,666
  10. chacks gold ring for man
    ₹16,897 ₹18,238
    Save ₹1,341
  11. drop pear diamond ring
    ₹21,837 ₹27,880
    Save ₹6,043
  12. reverie diamond ring
    ₹27,058 ₹32,587
    Save ₹5,529

Online shopping rings for women made easy!


We thrive on providing quality, designer and certified designer rings at papilior. To get the best gold ring price online browse through the vast array of designer gold diamond ring designs in the collection. Rings being one of the most celebrated types of jewellery are frequently bought ring design for female throughout the world; it holds a very special place in a woman's heart.


Gold ladies ring being a part of the ethnic look marks a symbolism of prosperity and good luck in weddings thus being a part of Indian customs, rituals and almost all celebrations. Since finger rings designs for female are so popular we want everyone to be able to flaunt them so we bring you a price range for classic designer rings starting at just INR 4,000 going up to INR 85,000 only.


Shopping for gold ring design without stone, diamond rings, solitaire rings and gemstones in such pocket friendly prices will make your entire experience wonderful. You can choose from varieties of Yellow, rose and white gold ring designs for women; these will be available in 14k or 18k gold. Our popular selling beautiful finger rings are perfect for girls of any age; check out our gold ring for girls like the Cardio ring - a slim band with a cute heart pop up design. Similarly when looking for gold finger rings for ladies our Amoret gold ring is such an elegant and intricately designed choice, it's a must have.


The current trendsetters are cocktail rings, engagement rings, diamond rings for girl and wedding rings; with new ring design introduced frequently the diamond solitaire rings are very much in fashion especially during the wedding season. Gold wedding rings are an appropriate choice and preferred by many to be given to their better half as an engagement ring or even as weddings gifts. Wedding ring designs are popular worldwide and you'll also see many celebrity couples flaunting the traditional gold wedding rings.


Take a look at papilior to find the best gold ring website to find the best ring designs for female and the classic wedding rings and gold ring online in your desired ring settings at affordable prices with all purchased being BIS hallmarked.

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