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  1. amato solitaire ring-Ready To Ship
    ₹39,030 ₹49,673
    Save ₹10,643
  2. Solitaire Ring For Women
    ₹99,310 ₹128,782
    Save ₹29,472
  3. treasure crown ring
    ₹128,275 ₹168,395
    Save ₹40,120
  4. magnifico pride ring
    ₹44,955 ₹57,240
    Save ₹12,285
  5. classic princess solitaire ring
    ₹34,783 ₹43,422
    Save ₹8,639
  6. luminescent solitaire ring
    ₹53,887 ₹69,424
    Save ₹15,537
  7. fleur solitaire ring
    ₹34,583 ₹43,011
    Save ₹8,428
  8. 0.50 ct baguette solitaire ring
    ₹110,366 ₹144,372
    Save ₹34,006
  9. amelia diamond ring
    ₹38,489 ₹49,160
    Save ₹10,671
  10. five stone diamond ring
    ₹93,200 ₹121,310
    Save ₹28,110
  11. princess victorian solitaire ring
    ₹51,411 ₹65,490
    Save ₹14,079
  12. joyal solitaire ring
    ₹20,937 ₹26,832
    Save ₹5,895

The most exquisite collections of solitaire ring designs online in India!


Solitaire engagement rings are the most loved celebrated and bought type of diamond rings online worldwide, their charm and look is the winner every single time a bride-to-be browses through rings for her wedding.


Solitaire diamond ring are of high value and their sophistication attracts people from all walks of life, from a layman to the celebrities. provides a dedicated section for Designer solitaire Rings in a sprightly varieties of designs weaved by the best of craftsman.


Finding the best price Certified solitaire Rings made simple with a friendly web interface and choices in form of cut clarity and color to select from. The selections at papilior range between INR 20,000 going up to INR 90,000 where you will see some of the most breathtaking pieces of jewellery. Go for the traditional Princess cut look or a trendy marquise with diamond studded bands you are sure to find a design you will fall in love with.


The most sort after type of solitaire diamond rings for women are the solitaire engagement rings and so rightly worthy we must say. Check out these charming designs like the Luminescent Ring & Treasure crown solitaire ring , or incase if you're more into the wedding bands our twinning section certainly won't let you down with these - Eurydice Band For Her & Juliet Band For Her.