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  1. om gold ring- Ready To Ship
    ₹7,826 ₹8,447
    Save ₹621
  2. Twin Star Gold Ring
    ₹6,151 ₹6,639
    Save ₹488
  3. Star Gold Ring For Women
    ₹6,229 ₹6,724
    Save ₹495
  4. Triangle Plain Gold Ring For Women
    ₹7,479 ₹8,251
    Save ₹772
  5. om swastik ring
    ₹17,599 ₹18,995
    Save ₹1,396
  6. faithful ganesh ring
    ₹11,797 ₹12,733
    Save ₹936
  7. arrow gold ring
    ₹7,865 ₹8,489
    Save ₹624
  8. chacks parade ring
    ₹16,197 ₹17,482
    Save ₹1,285
  9. twin parade heart ring
    ₹16,313 ₹17,608
    Save ₹1,295
  10. om gold ring
    ₹6,580 ₹7,102
    Save ₹522
  11. chacks gold ring for man
    ₹16,897 ₹18,238
    Save ₹1,341
  12. track gold ring
    ₹22,348 ₹24,122
    Save ₹1,774

Elegant gold rings for women online!


Your search for gold ring design for female will bring you to papilior.com and give you enchanting designer jewellery options. Old is gold is a very popular phrase and though not spoken about the metal itself it does hold some importance, Gold being one of the most oldest metal by that we mean used by the generation before us and symbolizing something pure, auspicious and of prime value.


Here find the best gold ring price in a pool of intricately crafted jewellery where even simple gold ring can be a statement piece and gold wedding ringscan bring two souls together. Shop for gold ring design for female without stone at a price range starting at INR 7000 going up to INR 15,000 at papilior.com, the prices may also depend upon your choice of 14k or 18k beautiful rose, white or yellow gold and the making charges.


Many women today prefer to shop for finger rings gold online as it is accessible, easy and such a convenience to browse through and choose from a vast array of designer jewellery.