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  1. Kanika Navratna Ring
    ₹14,726 ₹15,798
    Save ₹1,072
  2. Kamakshi Navratna Ring
    ₹19,050 ₹21,142
    Save ₹2,092
  3. akarsh navratna ring
    ₹24,893 ₹26,873
    Save ₹1,980
  4. Shravya Navratna Ring
    ₹12,564 ₹13,663
    Save ₹1,099
  5. Akriti Navratna Ring
    ₹13,295 ₹14,321
    Save ₹1,026
  6. Sarojini Navratna Ring
    ₹11,317 ₹12,396
    Save ₹1,079
  7. Aaruni Navratna Ring
    ₹10,927 ₹11,979
    Save ₹1,052
  8. dhishti navratna ring
    ₹20,964 ₹22,732
    Save ₹1,768
  9. 3 stone blue sapphire ring
    ₹31,194 ₹36,505
    Save ₹5,311
  10. trinity stack ring
    ₹25,023 ₹28,933
    Save ₹3,910
  11. stackable ruby rose ring
    ₹6,077 ₹6,386
    Save ₹309
  12. eternity ruby ring
    ₹9,777 ₹10,321
    Save ₹544

Gorgeous gemstones!


Color stones depict so many different things and auras around us, even in form of jewellery they do the exact same thing. Gemstone rings have time and again proven to be a choice of the fashion forward yet bold side of people. Papilior brings to you a selection just as versatile and spellbinding with our gemstone engagement rings collections.


The gemstone rings are not only a trendy choice but also an affordable one with the starting price range of INR 11,000 to INR 30,000 only. In face many influencers prefer coloured stones as it sets them apart from the crowd just like our much loved Royal family, the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton flaunts the late Princess Diana’s 18-carat sapphire ring.


The most popularly browsed on bought colored stones rings online have been the emerald engagement rings and ruby engagement rings. Here are some must haves from our collection,
Goldie Gleom Ring – A lemon Topaz perfect for abright sunny days and fusion attire
Fortunate Amethyst Ring – A spunky purple amethyst – your answer to all party accessories.
Apricot Ice Fleur Ring – a One of a kind flower with a smoky topaz – now that’s a flower you can flaunt.
Verde Diamond Ring – This one is the perfect emerald ring for the perfect proposal.