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  1. tulipa top five ring- Ready To Ship
    ₹17,109 ₹20,286
    Save ₹3,177
  2. dhishti navratna ring
    ₹20,964 ₹22,732
    Save ₹1,768
  3. bouquet diamond ring
    ₹20,349 ₹24,831
    Save ₹4,482
  4. prospen diamond ring
    ₹23,304 ₹26,392
    Save ₹3,088
  5. love in the mist ring
    ₹63,014 ₹80,416
    Save ₹17,402
  6. annabelle twin diamond ring
    ₹15,561 ₹17,678
    Save ₹2,117
  7. twin heart ring
    ₹27,503 ₹33,180
    Save ₹5,677
  8. Omeshwar Diamond Ring
    ₹35,215 ₹43,384
    Save ₹8,169
  9. circle of hearts ring
    ₹24,589 ₹29,738
    Save ₹5,149
  10. drop dead gorgeous ring
    ₹26,644 ₹31,549
    Save ₹4,905
  11. tulipa top five ring
    ₹17,712 ₹20,987
    Save ₹3,275
  12. tulip frills ring
    ₹16,925 ₹19,711
    Save ₹2,786

Cocktail Rings Designs

Diamond rings have really come a long way, the trends are ever changing and absolutely fascinating. Having said that, minimalist jewellery always makes a come back In the industry as it not only helps you make a statement but also compliments evening wear perfectly. Cocktail rings in India have been in constant demand so much so that they have made their entry into the everyday accessory category too.

Latest trends in cocktail ring designs

Cocktail rings designs ranges for tastefully debonair to stylish, also since more and more women opt for solitaires these also make great statement cocktail rings. What's more is that cocktail rings are also in demand by brides, you want to be able to wear your wedding rings all the time and not just on your wedding day and cocktail rings provide that comfort.

Go for gold if you like the urbane look or diamond studded if you have mostly mostly formal cocktail events. Nevertheless, solitaires work just fine for any kind of occasion and make the most divine presents especially for engagements and for weddings.