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  1. amato solitaire ring-Ready To Ship
    ₹38,321 ₹48,815
    Save ₹10,494
  2. elidi ray ring-Ready To Ship
    ₹13,159 ₹15,692
    Save ₹2,533
  3. heart parade ring-Ready To Ship
    ₹14,851 ₹16,983
    Save ₹2,132
  4. snowberry lotus ring-Ready To Ship
    ₹19,926 ₹23,162
    Save ₹3,236
  5. floweret diamond ring-Ready To Ship
    ₹19,120 ₹23,326
    Save ₹4,206
  6. carolynn ring-Ready To Ship
    ₹17,101 ₹19,920
    Save ₹2,819
  7. cuore diamond ring-Ready To Ship
    ₹8,922 ₹9,766
    Save ₹844
  8. dwarf tulip ring-Ready To Ship
    ₹11,498 ₹13,748
    Save ₹2,250
  9. om gold ring- Ready To Ship
    ₹7,826 ₹8,447
    Save ₹621
  10. tulipa top five ring- Ready To Ship
    ₹15,387 ₹18,311
    Save ₹2,924
  11. ohio ada ring- Ready To Ship
    ₹10,653 ₹12,958
    Save ₹2,305
  12. Blue Sapphire Halo diamond Ring
    ₹23,670 ₹27,291
    Save ₹3,621

Finger rings have gone through an evolution and within that Casual rings have come into the picture. While accessories some may say are meant for specific occasions or such everyday wear is a trend that has kicked in and rings have been at the top of the list. Rings symbolise very many different things, while for some it represents love and commitment with wedding and engagement rings for others it more of a tradition and with time rings have also become a mode of complimenting fashion. It really is all about fashion today and that is turn has become about comfort yet trendy. 

Casual ring designs on Papilior is here to serve all kinds of jewellery wearers and they sure add a spice to the attires. Rings enhance the elegance of your hands and make good accessories for a day in or a night out. Gold casual rings can be chosen to give a bright look ti your day endeavours and fancy diamond casual rings can sprite up both formal and evening wear.