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  1. acanta gold pendent
    ₹10,080 ₹10,800
    Save ₹720
  2. bellatrix gold pendent
    ₹11,248 ₹12,051
    Save ₹803
  3. aura gold pendent
    ₹17,477 ₹18,725
    Save ₹1,248
  4. amoret gold pendent
    ₹10,772 ₹11,541
    Save ₹769
  5. abraxas gold pendent
    ₹22,409 ₹24,009
    Save ₹1,600
  6. dorcia gold pendant
    ₹20,851 ₹22,341
    Save ₹1,490
  7. auric circle pendant
    ₹11,160 ₹12,382
    Save ₹1,222
  8. golden trumpet pendant
    ₹9,950 ₹10,661
    Save ₹711
  9. goldKrone pendant
    ₹13,108 ₹14,044
    Save ₹936
  10. plush matrix pendant
    ₹5,537 ₹5,933
    Save ₹396
  11. golden gate pendant
    ₹5,840 ₹6,257
    Save ₹417

New Pendant Designs for Men and Women

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