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  1. fancy flower diamond pendant
    ₹33,856 ₹42,017
    Save ₹8,161
  2. posy gold pendant
    ₹11,991 ₹12,943
    Save ₹952
  3. splendour diamond pendant
    ₹26,699 ₹32,345
    Save ₹5,646
  4. nalini gold pendant
    ₹16,663 ₹17,986
    Save ₹1,323
  5. gold star gold pendant
    ₹6,541 ₹7,060
    Save ₹519
  6. rosine drizzles gold pendant
    ₹10,396 ₹11,221
    Save ₹825
  7. rusty belle gold pendant
    ₹7,437 ₹8,027
    Save ₹590
  8. blossom diamond pendant
    ₹23,924 ₹30,129
    Save ₹6,205
  9. cherry blossom gold pendant
    ₹8,410 ₹9,077
    Save ₹667
  10. lily gold flower pendant
    ₹6,774 ₹7,312
    Save ₹538
  11. sherylayne gold diamond pendant
    ₹16,283 ₹18,962
    Save ₹2,679
  12. leilani gold diamond pendant
    ₹9,474 ₹11,248
    Save ₹1,774

New Pendant Designs for Men and Women

Looking for glamorous diamond pendants and gold pendants online? Your search stops right here at Papilior. It is an ornament that is literally close to your heart. Here you will find beautiful, elegant, attractive and inspiring designer heart pendants for women. We offer pendants for all occasions, including solitaire pendants exclusively designed in-house for your taste. 

We assure that our designs are so intricate and sound so that no one will pass you by without giving you a compliment. Papilior puts in a lot of effort to make every customer happy, and so we are keen in designing keeping in mind everyone’s taste and affordability. Go for Papilior Pendant Sets if you are looking to buy something admiring. Our exciting discounts will definitely make you grab one today.