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  1. chakrika navratna pendant
    ₹31,520 ₹34,336
    Save ₹2,816
  2. amaya navratna pendant
    ₹13,375 ₹14,699
    Save ₹1,324
  3. akshita navratna pendant
    ₹29,538 ₹32,197
    Save ₹2,659
  4. navratna pendant
    ₹47,766 ₹52,349
    Save ₹4,583
  5. minnu christian gold pendant
    ₹7,207 ₹8,031
    Save ₹824
  6. kerala christian minnu pendant
    ₹6,757 ₹7,529
    Save ₹772
  7. ekakshara ganpati pendant
    ₹11,260 ₹13,553
    Save ₹2,293
  8. mahakaaya gajanand diamond pendant
    ₹9,153 ₹10,743
    Save ₹1,590
  9. lambodara gajanand pendant
    ₹8,725 ₹10,281
    Save ₹1,556
  10. vijaya ganapati pendant
    ₹8,757 ₹10,256
    Save ₹1,499
  11. mangalmurti ganesha diamond pendant
    ₹6,491 ₹7,688
    Save ₹1,197
  12. ekadanta ganesha diamond pendant
    ₹10,676 ₹12,765
    Save ₹2,089

What would you do when you’re a fashion forward person yet want to unveil the affection towards your faith – Religious pendants we say, is the answer.Religious pendant designs can help you feel the presence of your faith always around but not at the cost of trend or fashion. Jewellery is expressive accessories with which you don’t have to do much talking as they do it for you and with Indian religious pendants you can blend In with all kinds of crowds and social groups – be it your family circle where you want to flaunt your beliefs through jewellery or a formal group where you want to showcase subtle fashionable accessories. 

Religious pendants for women are another way for the ladies to binge into jewellery shopping and Religious pendants for men can be used as kind and compassionate gifts.We assure that you do not have to compromise on style with religious pendant designs from Papilior.