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  1. omorose corazon pendant-Ready To Ship
    ₹19,311 ₹22,449
    Save ₹3,138
  2. amethyest gladiolus pendant-Ready To Ship
    ₹15,096 ₹17,595
    Save ₹2,499
  3. charming gamme pendant-Ready To Ship
    ₹6,681 ₹7,060
    Save ₹379
  4. diamond l Initial Pendant
    ₹6,677 ₹7,973
    Save ₹1,296
  5. pinko flit pendant
    ₹12,430 ₹14,645
    Save ₹2,215
  6. diamond b Initial Pendant
    ₹7,293 ₹8,765
    Save ₹1,472
  7. diamond g Initial pendant
    ₹7,738 ₹9,210
    Save ₹1,472
  8. dolphin pendant
    ₹5,022 ₹5,421
    Save ₹399
  9. aqua bubble pendant
    ₹5,119 ₹5,119
    Save ₹0
  10. camellias pendant
    ₹8,021 ₹8,657
    Save ₹636
  11. twin peach blossom pendant
    ₹17,323 ₹21,543
    Save ₹4,220
  12. heart systole pendant
    ₹9,746 ₹11,857
    Save ₹2,111

Latest Kids Pendants Designs

Jewellery for kids can be a daunting task, while we want them to get something of their liking we also want to find something that is safe for their skin and that can be worn by kids easily and not become a hassle. Papilior understands these factors and provides a section dedicated to gifts for kids, Pendants are hassle-free jewellery and our kids pendants designs will cater to both yours and your child’s taste. Kids gold pendants here are in pretty and children friendly designs to suit something they would like to wear every day – children's pendants are easy accessories as they do not need to constantly look after it and that’s perfect for kids. Let them browse through the kids diamond pendants too to fall in love and develop a taste for fine jewellery. Find certified jewellery presents for your little ones right here in trendy designs and shapes to adhere to the kid’s liking.