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  1. stelan heart pendant
    ₹10,229 ₹12,493
    Save ₹2,264
  2. princess love solitaire pendant
    ₹33,279 ₹43,751
    Save ₹10,472
  3. crown solitaire heart pendant
    ₹44,368 ₹58,430
    Save ₹14,062
  4. crown solitaire pendant
    ₹70,833 ₹93,629
    Save ₹22,796
  5. love heart solitaire pendant
    ₹27,771 ₹35,999
    Save ₹8,228
  6. heart key diamond pendant
    ₹6,961 ₹8,224
    Save ₹1,263
  7. gold heart key pendant
    ₹6,870 ₹7,423
    Save ₹553
  8. love heart gold pendant
    ₹5,987 ₹6,469
    Save ₹482
  9. lily gold flower pendant
    ₹6,677 ₹7,215
    Save ₹538
  10. gold cherry blossom diamond pendant
    ₹23,743 ₹27,305
    Save ₹3,562
  11. dorisetta diamond studded gold pendant
    ₹15,522 ₹18,697
    Save ₹3,175
  12. mi amore diamond pendant
    ₹9,766 ₹12,187
    Save ₹2,421

Spread the Love With a Dazzling Heart Shaped Pendants Necklace

Love has been defined n professed with jewellery since time immemorial, while your thought definitely counts a diamond studded heart shaped pendant does more. If you're struck by the love bug and are here looking for heart pendants for women you will adore the designs we've got. From cute gold numbers to diamond-studded pendants to a heart solitaire - this is not a place you leave empty-handed from. Heart pendant designs while are extremely common it becomes a surreal experience for our craftsmen to create something unique every time, Order ready to ship for the piece you just must have. 

You can gift these fancy heart pendants as a token of love to women who have inspired you throughout your life - let them know they are special in so many ways and more. While gold holds a lot of traditional value for people in many parts of the world and Diamonds speak a passionate language of love - the heart shape itself is quite elegant and can easily bring a smile to one's face.