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  1. chakrika navratna pendant
    ₹31,177 ₹33,993
    Save ₹2,816
  2. amaya navratna pendant
    ₹13,254 ₹14,579
    Save ₹1,325
  3. akshita navratna pendant
    ₹29,219 ₹31,877
    Save ₹2,658
  4. navratna pendant
    ₹47,244 ₹51,827
    Save ₹4,583
  5. designer emerald diamond pendant
    ₹13,505 ₹16,349
    Save ₹2,844
  6. emerald stone diamond pendant
    ₹8,523 ₹10,100
    Save ₹1,577
  7. gemstone and pearl pendant
    ₹9,496 ₹11,481
    Save ₹1,985
  8. emerald flower diamond pendant
    ₹30,161 ₹36,286
    Save ₹6,125
  9. esagono diamond pendant
    ₹22,408 ₹27,422
    Save ₹5,014
  10. kink diamond pendant
    ₹6,892 ₹8,466
    Save ₹1,574
  11. annulus diamond pendant
    ₹4,290 ₹4,794
    Save ₹504
  12. smeraldo diamond pendant
    ₹14,410 ₹16,516
    Save ₹2,106

Variety Designs Of Coloured Stone Pendants

Stone pendants are a sure shot way to perk up an entire look; accessories when it comes to pendants look graceful and elegant. Coloured stone pendants are the kind of jewellery that is fusion while you can carry them with something traditional in plain or printed designs you can also pair it up with chic and urbane attires. Gemstones in comparison to any other type of jewellery add more style quotient with the varieties of colours and auras in stones. 

FunkyGemstone Pendants Sets available at Papilior gives you a chance to incorporate a lot more spunk to your online jewellery – find gemstones set in 3 tones of gold (white, yellow and rose), diamonds and solitaires to fulfil all your jewellery needs. What’s more is that you can trust coloured stone accessories and play them right with all shades and fabrics in apparels - plus, these make amazing gifts for all ages.