Ganesha Pendant

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  1. akurath pendant
    ₹21,383 ₹23,746
    Save ₹2,363
  2. ekakshara ganpati pendant
    ₹11,188 ₹13,481
    Save ₹2,293
  3. mahakaaya gajanand diamond pendant
    ₹9,080 ₹10,671
    Save ₹1,591
  4. lambodara gajanand pendant
    ₹8,659 ₹10,216
    Save ₹1,557
  5. vijaya ganapati pendant
    ₹8,687 ₹10,186
    Save ₹1,499
  6. mangalmurti ganesha diamond pendant
    ₹6,443 ₹7,640
    Save ₹1,197
  7. ekadanta ganesha diamond pendant
    ₹10,604 ₹12,693
    Save ₹2,089
  8. gajanana pendant
    ₹5,084 ₹5,663
    Save ₹579
  9. siddhi vinayaka pendant
    ₹8,929 ₹10,313
    Save ₹1,384
  10. vakratund pendant
    ₹11,505 ₹13,739
    Save ₹2,234
  11. vamamukhi ganesha pendant
    ₹6,091 ₹6,763
    Save ₹672
  12. lambodara pendant
    ₹4,671 ₹5,374
    Save ₹703

Various Types of Ganesha Pendant

When spiritual jewellery is created it is done so effortlessly keeping in mind peace and love and of course blending that in with the craftsmanship ofglimmering gold and dazzling diamondsReligious pendants are a modern yet subtle way to keep your faith close to your heart and not having to compromise on fashion. Restoring your affection and spreading a lot more with Ganesha pendant designs you can celebrate and enjoy ethnic Ganapati patterns in all tones of gold and diamond studs. 

While Ganesha symbolises Love, peace, power and divine teachings, the lord does mean so many things to many people and in different ways. Feel the blessings upon you with Ganapati Pendant at all times and hold them close to you in times of test and happiness. Ganesha Pendant is loving gifts as they help you shower your devotion and security on your dear ones. Enhance the aura around you and compliment your style quotients as you go along –faith and fashion forward with these designs go hand in hand.