Floral Pendants

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  1. enfinity cluster diamond pendant
    ₹19,577 ₹24,610
    Save ₹5,033
  2. rendezvous diamond pendant
    ₹17,504 ₹22,518
    Save ₹5,014
  3. bevy diamond pendant
    ₹12,098 ₹15,370
    Save ₹3,272
  4. swarm diamond pendant
    ₹14,624 ₹18,777
    Save ₹4,153
  5. flock diamond pendant
    ₹14,151 ₹18,048
    Save ₹3,897
  6. clump diamond pendant
    ₹13,074 ₹16,690
    Save ₹3,616
  7. convene diamond pendant
    ₹16,158 ₹20,663
    Save ₹4,505
  8. primero glitter pendant
    ₹24,597 ₹31,926
    Save ₹7,329
  9. flowing leaves pendant
    ₹10,340 ₹12,037
    Save ₹1,697

Floral pendants in India are extremely popular and regularly bought. The most fascinating thing about flower design pendants is that they are the kind of jewellery that go along with just about anything, You can categorize them with bright neon’s, pastel shades, long gowns and short dresses, LBD’s or professional formal wear and everyday casuals they would do justice to any look. Floral designer pendants here available with an exclusive collection namely ‘Floret’ bringing you elegance in the forms of the most beautiful flower designs. 

Indulge in floral diamond pendants suiting a gift guide perfect for your near and dear ones or different colours in Flower gold pendants with White gold, yellow gold and Rose gold that you can flaunt every day. Opt for ethnic saris or formal pantsuits, anarkalis or crop tops floral pendants be it gold or diamonds look cute and outgoing in every way and also suits women of all ages and taste preferences.