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  1. ekakshara ganpati pendant
    ₹11,270 ₹13,563
    Save ₹2,293
  2. mahakaaya gajanand diamond pendant
    ₹9,163 ₹10,753
    Save ₹1,590
  3. lambodara gajanand pendant
    ₹8,735 ₹10,292
    Save ₹1,557
  4. vijaya ganapati pendant
    ₹8,767 ₹10,266
    Save ₹1,499
  5. mangalmurti ganesha diamond pendant
    ₹6,497 ₹7,694
    Save ₹1,197
  6. ekadanta ganesha diamond pendant
    ₹10,686 ₹12,775
    Save ₹2,089
  7. trishoolin pendant
    ₹5,678 ₹6,384
    Save ₹706
  8. shiva shankara pendant
    ₹13,414 ₹16,303
    Save ₹2,889
  9. blissful lotos pendant 123
    ₹9,932 ₹11,572
    Save ₹1,640
  10. virat pendant
    ₹5,822 ₹6,576
    Save ₹754
  11. shiva shankara small pendant
    ₹10,861 ₹12,830
    Save ₹1,969
  12. gajanana pendant
    ₹5,148 ₹5,727
    Save ₹579

Diamond Pendant Designs Online at Best Price

We are all familiar with the concept of neck jewellery popularly known as pendants and chains. Within a sense of style and trendy fashion, diamond pendants have been and always will be an integral part of accessories. Neck jewellery symbolises so many different things, while its modern and rules with the splendid collections of styles for statement pieces they also represent an extremely sacred and divine bond of love being jewellery for brides and brides to be.

Diamond Pendant for Every Occasion

- Thus, wearing designer diamond pendants is a great way of looking good and feels your best. You may also choose to buy for loose diamonds in ourjewellery stores that come in varying carats and colours. 

Charming Design Diamond Pendants Sets are great option for gifts if you are looking for an anniversary gift, birthday gift, etc. A heart pendant proves to be most effective in expressing your feelings towards that special person in your life. 

Delicate Men's Diamond Pendants available with our divinity collection so you can look upon them even when your not around and fancy diamond pendants for women collection so you have something to gift her for every occasion. Love for love with Papilior certified diamonds pendant designs, browse - choose - order and get these beauties right at your doorstep with diamond certificates from IGI and gold weight hallmark from BIS. Sometimes you don't need a reason to shop for diamonds, you appreciate her and she will for sure appreciate these.