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  1. Striking Beauty Pendant-Ready to Ship
    ₹3,838 ₹4,147
    Save ₹309
  2. Blessed Tirupati Pendant-ready to ship
    ₹7,517 ₹8,897
    Save ₹1,380
  3. diamond l Initial Pendant
    ₹6,625 ₹7,921
    Save ₹1,296
  4. sunshine pendant
    ₹5,878 ₹6,993
    Save ₹1,115
  5. trillion pendant small
    ₹12,749 ₹15,495
    Save ₹2,746
  6. chakrika navratna pendant
    ₹31,177 ₹33,993
    Save ₹2,816
  7. akshita navratna pendant
    ₹29,219 ₹31,877
    Save ₹2,658
  8. navratna pendant
    ₹47,244 ₹51,827
    Save ₹4,583
  9. minnu christian gold pendant
    ₹7,130 ₹7,954
    Save ₹824
  10. kerala christian minnu pendant
    ₹6,684 ₹7,456
    Save ₹772
  11. pressure set diamond pendant
    ₹15,377 ₹19,755
    Save ₹4,378
  12. akurath pendant
    ₹21,383 ₹23,746
    Save ₹2,363

Change a look with pendants, gifts for life with pendants and showing your taste in jewellery with pendants are just a few of the many reasons why women are crazy to always add a new pendant to their collection. Many a woman starts out their jewellery box with a hand me down casual pendant by their loved ones. Casual wears have evolved and still is alongside the trends in jewellery. The versatility about pendants is how well it blends send how charming it looks With just about anything; from jeans n tee to a ball gown. 

Papilior houses such amazing designs that will make you swoon and fall in love with the craftsmanship, design and the affordability. when you have a job that requires you 10 hours a day and a family that needs you for the rest of the hours you need the glam look and that too with lovable jewellery.