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  1. easter bonnet pendant set
    ₹25,961 ₹27,519
    Save ₹1,558
  2. Kristie Sunshine Pendant Set
    ₹19,507 ₹20,499
    Save ₹992
  3. florella pendant set
    ₹46,003 ₹48,342
    Save ₹2,339
  4. mistico flora pendant set
    ₹59,494 ₹62,519
    Save ₹3,025
  5. clara afetto pendant set
    ₹38,954 ₹40,934
    Save ₹1,980
  6. skylight pendant set
    ₹56,212 ₹59,071
    Save ₹2,859
  7. aeon moon pendant set
    ₹43,572 ₹45,788
    Save ₹2,216
  8. filo oro pendant set
    ₹38,710 ₹40,679
    Save ₹1,969
  9. whorl bolt pendant set
    ₹56,820 ₹59,709
    Save ₹2,889
  10. julietta pendant set
    ₹30,689 ₹32,249
    Save ₹1,560
  11. wild phlox pendant set
    ₹42,600 ₹44,766
    Save ₹2,166
  12. love call pendant set
    ₹23,592 ₹25,007
    Save ₹1,415

Gold Pendant Set Designs Online at Best Price

The certain colour they say is simply perfect, match with just about everything and look good on one and all. One such colour especially when it comes to jewellery is – Gold. Gold jewellery has been around since time immemorial and its importance and the vivacious trend has only increased with time. Once considered to be auspicious and holding high traditional values today is one of the most loved and fascinated pieces of jewellery. Gold pendant set designs when paired up with gold earrings make a marvellous combination, earpieces usually make statements and are chosen to be minimalistic jewellery, when you have a compliment to go with it your entire ensemble will brighten up.

The benefits of owning gold pendant sets are that it has a whole chic essence to it, blending in with formals and casuals, party wear and ethnic and more than so complimenting the change in fashion as well. Gold pendant sets online are a complete look as you seldom have to add any more pieces to it. A gold earring and pendant set goes well with the traditional look while a statement gold ring and pendant set could help get you a lot of compliments on that urban look.