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  1. philander diamond pendant set
    ₹12,645 ₹13,782
    Save ₹1,137
  2. lumino pendant set
    ₹54,002 ₹60,747
    Save ₹6,745
  3. clutch diamond pendant set
    ₹51,005 ₹64,096
    Save ₹13,091
  4. criss cross heart pendant set
    ₹28,565 ₹33,565
    Save ₹5,000
  5. pressure set diamond pendant set
    ₹36,675 ₹46,940
    Save ₹10,265
  6. prosper diamond pendant set
    ₹65,629 ₹79,558
    Save ₹13,929
  7. bevy diamond pendant set
    ₹37,951 ₹47,739
    Save ₹9,788
  8. clump diamond pendant set
    ₹39,618 ₹50,000
    Save ₹10,382
  9. congregate diamond pendant set
    ₹60,064 ₹76,380
    Save ₹16,316
  10. squirm round diamond pendant set
    ₹52,776 ₹64,945
    Save ₹12,169
  11. emerald shaped cluster diamond pendant set
    ₹33,734 ₹42,552
    Save ₹8,818
  12. piluki diamond pendant set
    ₹45,052 ₹55,267
    Save ₹10,215

Diamond Pendant Set Designs Online at Best Price

When looking for versatility in diamond jewellery opt for pendant set designs. This per say is the kind of accessory that you can mix and match with everything. The advantage of making a purchase of a unique diamond pendant set is that you don't need to worry about accessorizing further. Pendants are statement pieces and a pair of earring to go with it can spruce up the look in a jiffy. Talk about the social butterfly or a teenager, diamonds for sure can win all their hearts. Check out the innumerable fashionable jewellery collections right here at Papilor.com. Scroll up for diamond pendant custom made like never before.

The benefit is you get to select something of your own liking if you are a girl with a busy lifestyle you may go for the gold diamond pendant sets that make way perfectly at work or at a social event. For the socialite that you are solitaire pendant sets or gemstone pendant sets are the chic looks that are trending right now. For the minimalistic and simple touch, we’re in love with the solitaire collection. The oomph factor and simplicity that diamond pendant set designs bring to our attire is unmatchable. Designs like never before at prices and offer found exclusively here, Papilior is not only a treat to your eyes but a one-stop shop for your jewellery needs.