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  1. Pearl Gold Nose Pin
    ₹3,813 ₹3,813
    Save ₹0
  2. Black Nose Pin In Gold
    ₹4,385 ₹5,415
    Save ₹1,030
  3. Black Onex Nose Pin In Gold
    ₹3,109 ₹4,139
    Save ₹1,030
  4. prong set 0.07ct nosepin
    ₹8,872 ₹10,959
    Save ₹2,087
  5. 0.07ct diamond south screw nosepin
    ₹7,199 ₹9,153
    Save ₹1,954
  6. blue sapphire nose pin
    ₹3,457 ₹3,729
    Save ₹272
  7. ruby south nose pin
    ₹3,941 ₹4,213
    Save ₹272
  8. cluster south screw nose pin
    ₹11,462 ₹14,135
    Save ₹2,673
  9. emerald nose pin
    ₹4,330 ₹4,633
    Save ₹303
  10. 0.03 ct prong south nose pin
    ₹5,103 ₹5,933
    Save ₹830
  11. 0.1 ct prong diamond south nose pin
    ₹10,687 ₹13,380
    Save ₹2,693
  12. 0.03 ct south nose pin
    ₹3,273 ₹3,958
    Save ₹685

Nose Pins Are Necessity Traditional Indian Jewellery

Nose pins have always been in fashion, It is an extremely subtle piece of jewellery; as it provides an ethnic sort of a look. If you are looking to keep it simple but still prefer sparkle; a nose rings are an apt way to go. Diamonds are forever and we at Papilior agree, here you can buy designer diamond nose pins. The nose pins designs at Papilior are fashionable and tasteful at the same time. You can easily flaunt it anywhere and at any given time. 

This piece of jewellery is a cherry on the cake as it extends your already elegant look. You can never overdo it with an artfully designed gold nose pins. The best part about the collection at Papilior is that is it completely pocket-friendly; which makes it perfect for gifting it to someone special or even oneself.