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  1. dorcia gold necklace
    ₹25,483 ₹27,164
    Save ₹1,681
  2. heart necklace
    ₹14,679 ₹15,843
    Save ₹1,164
  3. sunny ruban gold necklace
    ₹17,599 ₹18,995
    Save ₹1,396
  4. aurene gold necklace
    ₹20,096 ₹21,422
    Save ₹1,326
  5. kenisha two tone gold necklace
    ₹20,846 ₹22,221
    Save ₹1,375
  6. medallion necklace
    ₹18,082 ₹19,274
    Save ₹1,192
  7. keira rose necklace
    ₹24,031 ₹25,616
    Save ₹1,585
  8. pink fluorescein necklace
    ₹17,988 ₹19,174
    Save ₹1,186
  9. circlin necklace
    ₹23,656 ₹25,216
    Save ₹1,560
  10. arrow necklace
    ₹25,062 ₹26,715
    Save ₹1,653
  11. bold line necklace
    ₹22,907 ₹24,418
    Save ₹1,511
  12. pazia tourner necklace
    ₹16,114 ₹17,177
    Save ₹1,063

Gold Necklace - Epitome of Beauty and For Royal Appearance

Finding the right sort of jewellery is very important especially when you want to make a statement. neck jewellery has always been in fashion in a big way since the invent of accessories. Gold necklaces for wedding have always had a spiritual belonging to them and are excellent looking for the cocktail hours. Pairing up well with gowns, velvets and pastels gold necklace designs does justice and proves to be a read head turner. Choose among the tones of gold fromwhite gold, yellow gold and rose gold to go with your trendy everyday look. 

Gold necklaces are beautiful gifts for the very special moments of someone’s life, widely celebrated in wedding unions Gold plays an integral part in rituals and ceremonies and gold pendant sets to be precise is jewellery to be cherished. You can find elegant pieces for the casual or formal look or go bold with gold necklaces in 5 grams suiting the ethnic attire and more.