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  1. Half Carat Solitaire Mangalsutra
    ₹106,772 ₹138,918
    Save ₹32,146
  2. pressure set solitaire mangalsutra
    ₹50,205 ₹64,590
    Save ₹14,385
  3. Cordinal Tanmaniya Mangalsutra
    ₹40,184 ₹50,632
    Save ₹10,448
  4. mikaela diamond mangalsutra
    ₹16,520 ₹19,777
    Save ₹3,257
  5. kalonice diamond mangalsutra
    ₹52,696 ₹68,207
    Save ₹15,511
  6. Gold Halo Mangalsutra
    ₹24,067 ₹30,247
    Save ₹6,180
  7. portia diamond mangalsutra
    ₹48,335 ₹61,109
    Save ₹12,774
  8. brilliant solitaire mangalsutra
    ₹34,452 ₹41,949
    Save ₹7,497
  9. boardroom diamond mangalsutra
    ₹47,402 ₹59,011
    Save ₹11,609
  10. sunshine diamond mangalsutra
    ₹29,561 ₹35,980
    Save ₹6,419
  11. twin peach diamond mangalsutra
    ₹34,588 ₹41,412
    Save ₹6,824
  12. Solitaire Ring For Women
    ₹98,750 ₹128,223
    Save ₹29,473

Solitaire Jewellery

Solitaire Jewellery Designs Online India at Best Price

In Simple terms Solitaires are diamonds that weigh more than 20 cents, these shining stones will catch your eye in a glimpse. Women from all walks of life know and understand the want and need of donning a diamond. People say you are what you wear, and rightly so. A piece of solitaire pendants will exude your charming personality and gain the appreciating and envious eyes of many women. On various platforms a solitaire is just like the girl you are - Confident, independent, contemporary and just like you adapt to all kind of situations; solitaire rings looks good just about anywhere.

Papilior keeps all the parameters in mind while their solitaire earrings designs team with utmost detailing creates unique designs to suit several occasions, moods and lifestyles. Look no further for solitaire jewellery

Certification of Solitaire Jewellery at Papilior
all our solitaire jewellery are certified by Gemological Institute of America or international gemological institute.