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Solitaire jewellery is celebrated worldwide, it depicts sophistication and class. Single solitaire diamonds are very popular as earring as they are statement pieces of jewellery, Diamond solitaire earrings have a language of their own, you can pair them with almost anything and they will shine bright.


The best part about owning a 1 carat diamond earrings are how well you can wear them, opt for a chic flirty look with solitaire earrings and a flowing gown/dress or step up the bohemian look with single diamond ear stud and a jumpsuit. Solitaires are all about how you carry them and here we give you a rather wide range to choose from, the prices range anywhere between INR 34,000/- to INR 1,50,000 and depends on your selection of the various cut, clarity and colour.


Diamond solitaire earrings on papilior are all single diamonds whose weight is from 0.3 carat to 10 carats and above and in variations of Round Solitaire, Emerald-Cut Solitaire, Princess Solitaire, Oval Solitaire, Marquise Solitaire and Heart Solitaire. The Princess cut also known as the square diamond solitaire earrings are extremely popular as presents for weddings/engagements and the round diamond solitaire earrings are the highly purchased type of cut.


With the increasing popularity of diamond solitaire stud earrings and rightfully so there are brilliant selections of designer earrings to choose from, hop on to our Geons collection and fall in love. The best diamond solitaire earrings are studs are they have modernized the whole jewellery experience; studs can be minimalistic yet bold and can be adorned by women, young girls or even kids. Solitaire jewellery have made their way into the upscale trendy jewellery market and the most delectable choices for the wedding and engagement present today is the 1.5-carat diamond stud earrings and 1-carat earrings.