hoop and clip earrings

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The only word to really describe hoop earrings is - Trendy! It’s a fashion alert that is always in the mainstream and is here to stay, while like many other trends this may too come and go but hoops win and always come back in new styles into one’s jewellery box. Hoop earrings for women were trendsetters at one time when they were majorly flaunted by celebrities and the simple yet fun designs here will sure make you feel like one yourself. Hoops are a wise pair of jewellery to choose when you are not in the mood of dressing up too bold and adding a hint of jewellery to your look. Also, some may be surprised to know how elegantly these may pass as evening wear earrings, these are super easy and beautiful to own as they are a great time saver and not something you have to think on or match up with everything you wear. Clip earrings for the everyday women with an everyday busy schedule.

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