Hanging And Drops

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  1. Diamond Hoop Earring In White Gold
    ₹118,069 ₹154,967
    Save ₹36,898
  2. zorn diamond earring
    ₹26,658 ₹30,916
    Save ₹4,258
  3. ziva hoop diamond earring
    ₹83,235 ₹102,943
    Save ₹19,708
  4. round arrow earring
    ₹33,436 ₹41,606
    Save ₹8,170
  5. flore diamond earring
    ₹12,043 ₹14,270
    Save ₹2,227
  6. highway diamond earring
    ₹22,205 ₹26,858
    Save ₹4,653
  7. linear diamond bali for women
    ₹30,151 ₹36,152
    Save ₹6,001
  8. gold bali for women
    ₹14,253 ₹15,347
    Save ₹1,094
  9. gold clip for women
    ₹13,488 ₹14,523
    Save ₹1,035
  10. single line diamond bali for women
    ₹24,385 ₹30,189
    Save ₹5,804
  11. round clip diamond earring
    ₹52,525 ₹66,510
    Save ₹13,985
  12. marquise twister bali
    ₹52,571 ₹66,551
    Save ₹13,980

Gold and Diamond Drop Earrings At Papilor

How many of us absolutely adore dangling earrings, the feel of it enhancing the ears but also dropping down for a contemporary look. A lot of women prefer bold jewellery, the kind that attracts attention towards the jewels, dropping till the shoulder or a little above to really enjoy the essence of donning fine jewellery. We provide selections custom made in gold, diamond, solitaire, gemstones and pearls in hanging earrings designs that will steal your hearts. 

What's great about fancy drop earrings is that you don’t need a lot to go with it, these are charming and one piece statement accessories so they work really well in the office environment or even a social event. Browse through the unique designs in diamond earrings and pearl drops or golden long earrings in drop earrings for women selection. Choose these as gifts for office wear earrings and provide something a person can always cherish.