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  1. maze filo earring-ready to ship
    ₹21,619 ₹22,845
    Save ₹1,226
  2. Elettra Gold Earring-Ready to Ship
    ₹2,505 ₹2,647
    Save ₹142
  3. Golden Bells Earring-Ready To Ship
    ₹23,035 ₹24,342
    Save ₹1,307
  4. Golden Ducat Earring-Ready to Ship
    ₹17,154 ₹18,127
    Save ₹973
  5. Love Wings Earring-Ready to Ship
    ₹20,856 ₹22,040
    Save ₹1,184
  6. Aeindri Gold Earring-Ready to Ship
    ₹11,763 ₹12,430
    Save ₹667
  7. Alyssa Flora Earring-Ready to Ship
    ₹11,412 ₹13,179
    Save ₹1,767
  8. pressure setting diamond earrings
    ₹25,493 ₹32,001
    Save ₹6,508
  9. Flower Earring For Kids
    ₹7,996 ₹9,584
    Save ₹1,588
  10. Diamond Earring
    ₹15,151 ₹17,398
    Save ₹2,247
  11. trigon earring
    ₹33,840 ₹42,654
    Save ₹8,814
  12. strohi hook earring
    ₹13,274 ₹17,239
    Save ₹3,965

Casual Earrings Designs for Women

Earrings are simple accessories and easy to go ones too, these are no-worry jewellery as for casual wear you don’t want to go bold and over the top but simple and elegant. Papilior understands the needs of the everyday women and have categories you can filter and choose from, according to your preferences, casual earrings though are something you can simply shop for day in and day out. 

Casual wear or regular wear is a lot about comfort in fashion than anything else and we make sure that even jewellery is no different in that so our selections bring you fine jewellery in gold, diamond, solitaire and gemstones but in casual earrings designs

When you are out and about with family and friends and have a heap of chores to get done casual gold earrings are a boon whereas for all the social brunches or a book read at your place casual diamond earrings are perfect. Also, while gifting you can opt for these amazing selections are they are versatile in nature and gives the wearer the chance to choose how they want to flaunt it.