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Statement jewelry - Earring designs

Designer earrings is one word that comes to our mind when we talk about Earrings as an accessory, the most versatile type of gold earrings online are stud earrings and one that can spruce up an entire ensemble and are known as statement jewellery. From simple gold earrings to designer solitaire studs; Earrings have always been and up till this date are pieces of statement jewellery.


One such stunning jewelry earrings statement piece or shall we say two were the Apollo and Artemis gold earrings for women pear shaped diamonds which were named after the Greek gods. The Apollo blue considered to be the largest internally flawless 14.54 carat diamond was auctioned at 42 million USD in 2017 and the Artemis pink's a 16 carat beauty was auctioned to the same buyer at 15 million USD. We really love when diamond earrings for women are celebrated.


With real gold earrings from papilior.com you can purchase earrings online from the comfort of your home, the user friendly interface will help you choose the clarity and color of diamonds you'd prefer and get gold earring design with price options set on 14k or 18k white, yellow or rose gold. Filter your choices to see the new design of gold earrings from Prices as low as INR 5000/- for a pocket friendly experience with gold stud earrings or go Gaga for pieces up to INR 1,00,000 with diamond earrings designs for a more royal look.


The intricate designs available are spread over 10+ collections to help you choose for the right occasion, from beautiful petals & flower earringsdesigns from the popular floret collection to best earrings design from the Geons collection, these guarantee quality and precision as every one of them are manufactured in-house.


There is something for everyone at the earrings collections whether you're looking for earrings for girls or some elegant new design earrings, here are our favorites - gold studs like the Circolare gold earrings and Annelise gold studs earrings are cost effective options among many more, and you can get these below INR 10,000. Similarly browse through the collections to find your pick from diamond earrings, gemstone/pearl earrings or simple elegant solitaire earrings and earrings gold design.


Gold earrings online shopping has been a surreal experience for our customers; they have loved gold earring design for female and have come to trust the concept to buy diamond studs online. When you buy gold earrings online it gives a variety to choose from without having to put up with salesperson, hidden charges or limited designs. The information about gold earrings designs with weight is transparent and come with a collection of designer ear studs for ladies and latest gold earring designs with price.


You can check new designs of gold earrings that are an ever trendy choice, from weddings, board rooms to Sunday brunches gold earrings easily compliment any style. The latest trendsetters are the diamond hoop earrings which have not only been around since the ancient times but are killing it in the fashion world even today; gold and diamond earrings are available at a pocket friendly price and in the latest earrings designs. Papilior has made it so easy and accessible to buy earrings online with their quality control, money back guarantee, easy return policies, gold earrings with price and weight and most importantly laboratory certified jewellery.