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  1. Xoxo Diamond Bracelet-Ready to Ship
    ₹13,404 ₹15,816
    Save ₹2,412
  2. mrigi navratna bracelet
    ₹16,850 ₹18,743
    Save ₹1,893
  3. enakshi navratna bracelet
    ₹20,209 ₹22,300
    Save ₹2,091
  4. ohm gold bracelet
    ₹17,027 ₹18,164
    Save ₹1,137
  5. tri stone golden petals bracelet
    ₹25,770 ₹29,672
    Save ₹3,902
  6. alecia diamond bracelet
    ₹116,099 ₹148,695
    Save ₹32,596
  7. achazia diamond bracelet
    ₹69,136 ₹85,660
    Save ₹16,524
  8. darnaris diamond bracelet
    ₹71,486 ₹89,677
    Save ₹18,191
  9. chloe diamond bracelet
    ₹80,265 ₹103,236
    Save ₹22,971
  10. pleat gold bracelet
    ₹17,193 ₹18,577
    Save ₹1,384
  11. adamas diamond bracelet
    ₹32,155 ₹39,525
    Save ₹7,370
  12. horse shoe diamond bracelet
    ₹15,769 ₹19,182
    Save ₹3,413

Bracelets do everything and more, the perfect jewellery for women. Charming pieces of diamond bracelets and gold bracelets made delicately for your everyday jewellery needs. compliment gold with formal wear and diamonds with those evening dresses. Gold bracelets for women and diamond bracelets designs are going to provide you with a wide range of designs you can select from according to your style and occasion. 

Invest in women's bracelets today as they are the most sort after type of jewellery, once you pair them up you will not need to match it with anything else. Experience love and trust with IGI certified diamonds and BIS hallmarked gold on diamond and gold bracelets. 

Papilior bracelets are head turners and can easily make you the life of the party. Divine for mins, fun for sisters and friends and romantic parents for the only close to your heart.