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  1. darnetta gold bracelet-Ready To Ship
    ₹20,893 ₹22,271
    Save ₹1,378
  2. Leaf Vein Gold Bracelet-Ready to Ship
    ₹16,458 ₹17,382
    Save ₹924
  3. cross gold bracelet
    ₹14,193 ₹15,130
    Save ₹937
  4. twin heart gold bracelet
    ₹13,257 ₹14,132
    Save ₹875
  5. megan gold bracelet
    ₹20,003 ₹21,322
    Save ₹1,319
  6. sylvie gold studs bracelet
    ₹17,333 ₹18,476
    Save ₹1,143
  7. faithfull ganesha bracelet
    ₹14,568 ₹15,529
    Save ₹961
  8. lock grip gold braclet
    ₹11,711 ₹12,484
    Save ₹773
  9. dalilah gold braclet
    ₹12,742 ₹13,583
    Save ₹841
  10. fuchsia rose bracelet
    ₹20,611 ₹21,971
    Save ₹1,360
  11. twin cube gold bracelet
    ₹10,446 ₹11,135
    Save ₹689
  12. lighting gold bracelet
    ₹11,477 ₹12,234
    Save ₹757

Statement jewelry - beautiful gold bracelets designs.


Gold bracelet is a subtle, charming and elegant piece of accessory adored by women everywhere, with the fashion siesta hitting celebrity couple and family goals the trendsetters have got fashion gold bracelet designs for men and kids too. Women's gold bracelet designs are an epitome of sophistication and can be found across the globe thriving in different cultures and trends.

Gold bracelets for women have always been a very popular choice in the fashion world and with all the new gold bracelet designs making its way in the market we are here to provide you an accessory that not only has great cultural values but also ancient traditional values. Gold bracelets for women's India can be found on a budget at papilior within a price range of INR 10,000 to INR 40,000 only. The gold bracelet price depends on the variation in gold tone and the making charges.

Currently the latest gold bracelet designs are the gold cuff bracelet & gold charm bracelet, check a few of our bestseller's 3 Tone Line Bracelet is a gold chain bracelet and It's simplicity speaks volumes keeping the perfect balance between work and play, the Christabel Gold Bracelet is a bracelet designwith such intricate and beautiful patterns making it a perfect gift for that special someone.

We recommend choosing a two tone rose gold bracelet with a hint of yellow gold for the edgy bohemian trending look, check out all gold bracelet design with price and browse through the gold bangle bracelets to find your desired taste.

Gold being one of the most popularly sourced and bought metals gold bracelets had to become a fashion charm sooner or later, with fancy gold bracelet designs and the ease of shopping online ladies gold bracelet and diamond gold bracelet designs are at your disposal with comfort options like [email protected] and doorstep delivery.