Single Line Bangles

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  1. single line ruby gold bangle
    ₹47,190 ₹50,589
    Save ₹3,399
  2. halo checks gold bracelet
    ₹56,788 ₹69,275
    Save ₹12,487
  3. chain links gold bangle
    ₹38,662 ₹41,775
    Save ₹3,113
  4. track line diamond bangle
    ₹59,639 ₹70,544
    Save ₹10,905
  5. contessa bangle
    ₹35,256 ₹40,129
    Save ₹4,873
  6. arrow diamond bangle
    ₹62,564 ₹73,958
    Save ₹11,394
  7. chacks texture diamond bangle
    ₹25,804 ₹28,867
    Save ₹3,063
  8. slick couch bangle
    ₹56,331 ₹68,131
    Save ₹11,800
  9. single line slim diamond bangle
    ₹89,182 ₹112,709
    Save ₹23,527
  10. textured gold diamond bangle
    ₹29,454 ₹33,605
    Save ₹4,151
  11. textured gold bangle
    ₹20,877 ₹22,558
    Save ₹1,681
  12. chacks texture gold bangle
    ₹20,992 ₹22,683
    Save ₹1,691

Bangles are the kind of jewellery one indulges in, seldom are these impulse buys as bangles are a pretty dedicated investment. Bangles are rather traditional jewellery but contrary to popular belief these are versatile in every aspect. Since time immemorial accessories have been a part of the grandest to the most humble wardrobes, these portray a sense of power and relates about one's fashion taste to the common din. While bangles have evolved a lot in past decades the trendiest today is the single line bangles designs, these are simple, sweet and elegant. 

Get in touch with a Papilior team member to find your choice of diamond bangles designs for daily use with a price so you can have the best options sorted out for you. Single line bangles are effortless jewellery and they keep the entire look pretty and down to earth with diamond studded goodness and the mix of ethnic with an urban look.