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Gold Bangles Design – A Plethora of Tradition!


In India Gold bangle bracelets have been a women’s first love from time immemorial, initially when jewellery as an accessory was discovered bangles were not made of metal but beautiful and colorful material. While Gold as a metal gained immense popularity as daily wear gold bangles designs, it was seen as a healing property in the ancient times and worn around as solid gold bangles to keep them close to the wrist which was believed to calm the nerves and create a soothing aura.

Myth or reality we may never know but we respect our ancestors and their intellect, gold bangles for women while may have started out to create an ethnic touch has today launched into a full on trendsetter. Bangles designs at papilior bring you to the varieties of plain gold bangles in exquisite patterns, the primrose gold bangle and the tiara gold bangle are one of our star designs; it may seem like a simple gold bracelet but when you look closely you’ll see how charming the intricate floret details are.

Design of gold bracelet for female are priced between INR 20,000 to INR 100,000 depending upon your choice of white, rose or yellow gold set in 18k plus the making charges. Finding Indian gold bangles online will be quite an experience for you and yes we did not forget about gold bracelets for men,check out the Amar gold kada if you’re looking for the perfect gift for your man.

We love to stay on point with ladies bangles designs hence we follow the trend for fashion gold bangles designs with our twinning patterns, the latest gold bangles are the Twin floret gold bracelet, checks gold bracelet and the Jap fan gold bracelet each of which are unique designs on thin ladies gold bangles. Browse through the womens bangles selections and check out the gold bangles price to select your favorite design.