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  1. gold diamond bangle
    ₹73,251 ₹81,886
    Save ₹8,635
  2. chacks texture diamond bangle-Ready To Ship
    ₹60,827 ₹67,400
    Save ₹6,573
  3. Track Diamond Bangle
    ₹100,371 ₹117,533
    Save ₹17,162
  4. lineation diamond bangle
    ₹72,547 ₹82,392
    Save ₹9,845
  5. urmila diamond bracelet
    ₹68,326 ₹84,526
    Save ₹16,200
  6. halo checks gold bracelet
    ₹57,157 ₹69,643
    Save ₹12,486
  7. five stone diamond bangle
    ₹57,352 ₹67,986
    Save ₹10,634
  8. water lily diamond bangle
    ₹62,326 ₹74,085
    Save ₹11,759
  9. donatella diamond bangle
    ₹58,574 ₹68,672
    Save ₹10,098
  10. track line diamond bangle
    ₹60,153 ₹71,058
    Save ₹10,905
  11. metro diamond bangle
    ₹77,334 ₹91,257
    Save ₹13,923
  12. channel gold bangle
    ₹53,894 ₹62,939
    Save ₹9,045

Diamond Bangles Design for all the trinket lovers!


It’s quite interesting how bangles are significant in the fashion world, are symbols of our culture and also a couture piece of jewelry. A pre-historic bronze statue that was uncovered in 1973 was named the ‘Dancing girl’ basis the pose and that one of her arms were filled with bangles. With proof of the cultural importance of ladies bangles the fashion world evolved and accepted designs for diamond bangles gracefully.

An entire range of diamond bangles awaits you in our collection with breathtaking designs to choose from, the pocket pinch on these start at INR 45,000 to INR 2,50,000. The eye-catching patterns of the delicate flowers and weaves in the latest design of diamond bangles are a sight for sore eyes.

The vast array of womens bangles include trendsetting simple diamond bangles with designs like the Comfort three line bangle and Efflorescence diamond bangle bracelet; the diamond bangles Indian designs like the Austere diamond bangle and the Quincy gold diamond bangle & the fancy diamond bangles with designs like the evergreen paisley Barbie diamond studded gold bangle and traditional Cushion bangle.

The diamond solitaire bangle bracelet are the trendsetters of today, while independent entrepreneurs and moms may love big diamond bangles when it comes to work and a busy lifestyle elegant and timeless unique diamond bangles pieces do the trick. The Amorette diamond bangle bracelet, the Twin circle diamond bracelet and the Aleuier diamond bangle bracelet are a must have for your accessories wardrobe and the best part is that they are light weight diamond bangles.

Beautiful diamond bangles have been passed on from generations on end and the single diamond bangle bracelet has created an entire market for itself, with the ever changing fashion and the clutch to our traditional roots the designer jewellery here on papilior will really speak to you. Find out the diamond bangles price among the best solitaire diamond bangles designs and shop for all your bangle shopping needs online. The Indian gold bangles online spree comes alive with the wedding season every year and now you have the best platform to select your diamond bangles designs with pricesat the most cost effective rates.