How To Use

Jewellery is a woman’s first love! No matter how big or small a piece may be it has some value attached to it. It may be a family heirloom, a gift from a loved one or simply something you bought yourself. All jewellery is precious, some more than others, and each piece requires tender loving care in order to keep looking its best and sparkle in its glory. Taking care of precious jewellery is not tough, all it requires are a few dos and don’ts, all of which we have listed below for your perusal:

Taking care of gold jewellery

Even though 22k gold is pretty sturdy, it does tend to lose its shine over a period of time if it not properly cared for. Here is a list that will help you keep your gold glittering forever.


  • Gold jewellery should be cleaned regularly with a solution made from mild shampoo and water. Ammonia and water solution can also be used to retain its shine.
  • A very soft brush should be used to brush away the dust and grime that gets accumulated in the settings and designs of gold jewellery.
  • Gold chains and bracelets should be stored in separate boxes or pouches, as they tend to get entangled easily, and often break while detangling.
  • Intricate gold pieces should ideally be stored in their original boxes separately or if that is not possible, then they should be individually wrapped in tissue paper or cotton wool and then kept in a hard plastic or wooden box.


  • Do not expose your gold jewellery to chlorine as it tends to weaken its constitution; therefore do not wear gold to swimming pools or spas.
  • Gold jewellery should not be worn while doing manual tasks around the house as it may lead to wear and tear.
  • Do not expose your gold jewellery to perfumes and hairsprays, as this may dull its shine.
  • If your gold jewellery contains gemstones, then any alcohol-based cleaning solution should not be used to clean them. The solution can dilute the gum which is used to hold the gemstones together and thus cause them to fall off the jewellery.

Taking care of diamond jewellery

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and special care has to be taken to keep them shining.


  • Diamonds should be cleaned regularly with a good quality jewellery cleaner, or a mild solution of ammonia and water.
  • A very soft brush should be used to clean diamond jewellery and it should be pat dried with a soft, lint free cloth.
  • Prongs that hold the diamond in place should be checked regularly and if found loose, should be repaired immediately.
  • Diamond jewellery should be stored in jeweller's paper or tissue paper and kept in air tight storage containers.
  • Get your diamond jewellery checked by a jeweller at least once a year to make sure that the settings are intact.


  • Harsh cleaners like chlorine or bleach should never be used to clean diamonds.
  • It is advisable to remove diamond rings while working in the kitchen as continuous exposure to various strong ingredients can dull the shine of your diamonds.
  • Do not wear diamond jewellery while doing manual chores as it may cause the diamond to loosen from its settings.
  • Diamond jewellery should not be stored with other jewellery so that other jewellery does not get scratched and also because the prongs may damage other jewellery.
  • Do not keep touching your diamonds constantly as the oil and cream on the fingers can dull the shine.

Taking care of pearl jewellery

Real pearls are quite soft and very sensitive and have to be handled with utmost care so that they don't get discolored or scratched. Here’s how you should treat your pearls.


  • Pearls should always be cleaned gently with a soft damp cloth and stored in an air tight box or a pouch with a soft lining.
  • Always wear your pearl jewellery after make-up has been applied as the chemicals in makeup products can cause discoloration of pearls.
  • Keep your pearls away from hairsprays and perfumes in order to prevent any accidental spillovers leading to erosion or discoloration.
  • Pearl necklaces should be restrung every year in order to maintain their strength and durability.


  • Never clean your pearls with a toothbrush, no matter how soft the bristles maybe, as even the softest ones can scratch the pearl’s surface.
  • Bleach or baking soda should never be used to clean pearls.
  • Pearls should never be exposed to swimming pools, as the chlorine in pool water can cause damage to pearls.
  • Pearls should not be worn loosely strung as the string may get caught in something, or even break while you are wearing it.
  • Do not store pearls in plastic bags, but in cotton wool or soft muslin or velvet cloth.