What features should one check before buying a diamond?

The features that you need to check while purchasing a Diamond are its four C’s and Certification.

Is online purchase of diamonds safe?

Nowadays, every commodity ranging from safety pins to ships is being bought and sold online. It is absolutely safe to buy diamonds online provided you buy only certified diamonds sold by reputed jewellers.

What are the 4C’s of a diamond?

The four Cs of a diamond are its Cut, Clarity, Color and Carat.

How is a diamond weighed?

A diamond is weighed in Carats. One carat is equal to 0.20 grams or 1/5 grams. 1 carat is further divided into 100 points, so if a diamond’s weight is 1.03 carats, then it will be referred to as weighing 1 carat and 3 points. Some diamonds may have the same carat value but may be totally different in shape look or size; mostly because of its cut, clarity and color factors.

What is the ‘Cut’ of a diamond?

The cut of a diamond refers to the proportions of its facets with respect to its size. A diamond’s brilliance or shine depends a lot upon its cut, which makes this one of the major determining points of a diamond’s value. Thus, the cut is a major factor that determines a diamond’s beauty, and thus, its value. A well cut diamond is one that disperses light perfectly and shines brilliantly.

Diamonds can be cut in 3 ways:

i) Shallow Cut: A shallow cut diamond is one where light enters the diamond’s pavilion facets at a low angle and then passes through the facet instead of reflecting back. Because light leaks through the bottom of the diamond in this case, the optimal beauty of the diamond is not realized.

ii) Ideal Cut: An ideally cut diamond is one where the light entering the facets of the diamond is properly dispersed around the diamond’s interiors and then optimally reflected back in order to give the stone a perfectly brilliant shine.

iii) Deep Cut: A deep cut diamond is one where the light entering the diamond does not get dispersed inside the stone optimally and instead of reflecting off the interior facets, exits from the sides. This makes the diamond shine less brightly.

Should diamonds with flaws be avoided?

The diamond is a creation of nature, and with each piece being unique and different from the other, a diamond without flaws is extremely rare and costly. Therefore, when you buy a diamond, you can easily go for one that has some minor flaws. In most cases, diamonds sold by reputed jewellers like Papilior have such minor flaws that they are not even visible to the naked eye.

Which type of flaw should be avoided in diamonds?

the only flaws that need to be avoided in jewellery diamonds are the ones that are visible to the naked eye. In the case of white diamonds, these would be diamonds graded N-Z in terms of Color. In terms of Clarity, one should avoid diamonds with I1/I2/I3, Eye Visible Inclusions.

What is a fancy colour diamond?

Diamonds colours coded Z+ are considered fancy coloured diamonds. These diamonds are available in a variety of colours like pink, yellow and blue etcetera.

Are fancy diamonds different from gemstones?

Yes. Fancy coloured diamonds are absolutely different from gemstones. Even though some gemstones may look very similar to diamonds, the chemical composition of gemstones and diamonds will always be different, and real diamonds, even when coloured, are only made out of the purest and hardest carbon.

What are synthetic diamonds?

Diamonds created under artificial heat and pressure in a laboratory, as opposed to ones created by Mother Nature over a period of millions of years are known as synthetic diamonds. While synthetic diamonds look and are chemically the same as real diamonds, they cost less because they are neither rare nor unique. Not to forget, they are also not the ‘real thing’.

What are conflict diamonds or blood diamonds?

Conflict diamonds, also called blood diamonds are illegally traded in order to fund insurgency, terrorism or the activities of warlords and mafias, especially in the war-torn countries of Africa or in South America. At Papilior, we sell only conflict-free diamonds.

How should one buy a diamond from a website?

The best way of buying a diamond from an online portal is ensuring that the diamond comes with third-party certification. This way, you are not only sure about the 4 Cs of the diamond that you are buying, but you can also be assured that the diamond you will get is exactly the one that you will be paying for.

What is certification of diamond?

Diamond certification entails an evaluation of a diamond by expert professionals who judge, grade and measure it using a number of tools and techniques. Thus, a certificate is like a blueprint of the diamond that gives exact details about its 4Cs and other unique aspects particular to that particular diamond. Buying a certified diamond is of paramount importance not only because the certificate is proof that you have a genuine diamond, but also because diamonds without certificates cannot be easily resold.

What is the Difference between IGI, GIA and AGSL certification?

The IGI, GIA and AGSL are all world-renowned and reputed diamond certifying agencies. In order to know more about how they are different, please go through our information on the Certification

Why should I care about Diamond Certification?

Diamonds are one of the costliest things in the world known to man. Needless to say, if you are buying a diamond, it is prudent to check if the diamond you are getting is what you were promised by your jeweller. Buying a certified diamond is of paramount importance not only because the certificate is proof that you have a genuine diamond, but also because diamonds without certificates cannot be easily resold.

What if I lost my diamond’s certificate?

If you lose your diamond’s certificate, then you can send it back to a third party laboratory, which can recertify it. In many cases, you can locate your diamond’s certificate online on the certifier’s website in case you have retained the diamond’s certification number and the name of the agency that certified it.


Why does papilior claim to have listed only ‘Designer Jewellery’?

At Papilior we house a team of creative minds; these minds are professionally educated and highly trained with the utmost knowledge about the field. They bring their best foot forward designing jewellery for you. Every single piece on the website is different from the other and totally unique. The designs are inspired by many aspects of the modern world, traditional values and abstract enigma. As we have the mine to the market concept while housing our design team, we absolutely eliminate the middlemen cost. This way we give you the best, the unique and the perfectly priced.

Can I get something engraved on my jewellery?

Yes, you can. Please call our Customer Care with the details of the jewellery that you want to get engraved. If engraving is possible on the piece, we will do it. If not, we will suggest some other jewellery for you, on which engraving is possible.

Can I ask for a customized design?

Yes, you can. Please call our Customer Care with the details of the jewellery that you want to customize. If customization is possible on the piece, we will do it for you. If not, we will suggest some other piece of jewellery for you, which can be customized.

Do Papilior pendants come with chains?

No. Pendants shown on the website don’t come with chains. However, we have a large number of chains to choose from which you can buy to go with your pendant if you want.

What if I don’t know my ring size?

Please see the Rings and Bangles education section on the website to know about how

How does Papilior pack jewellery?

your jewellery from our site will be packed safely in tamperproof packs with the Papilior logo printed on it by our team.

Services & Policy

Can I resize the ring or bangles bought from Papilior?

Please contact our Customer Care and we will be happy to help you resize your jewellery. If you get your jewellery resized by a jeweller other than Papilior, then we will not be able to accept it under our return and exchange policies.

Can I return my jewellery if I don’t like what I buy? How?

we totally understand that you might want to return or exchange a piece of jewellery that you have bought. Therefore, we offer our customers a number of return and exchange options.

What is the Papilior 30 Day Returns Policy?

at Papilior, we offer you no questions asked, easy returns for your merchandise in case you return it within the first 30 days of purchase. To know more, check the Papilior 30 Days Money Back Policy

What do I do if I want to exchange my product within 30 days of buying it?

at Papilior, we offer you no questions asked, easy exchange for your jewellery in case you return it within the first 30 days of purchase. In order to exchange your product, check out the Papilior 30 Days Exchange Policy

What is Lifetime Exchange?

at Papilior, we offer a Lifetime Exchange guarantee to our esteemed customers. You can exchange a product bought from Papilior at any time, without any hassles or worries through this policy. In order to know more about how Lifetime Exchange at Papilior works, please check out the Papilior Lifetime Exchange Policy

What is the Papilior Buy-Back Policy?

at Papilior, we offer our customers the option of returning their jewellery in lieu of money at any period of time at extremely competitive buyback rates. The Buy-Back Policy comes into effect 30 days after the purchase of the product. In order to know more about how you can return your jewellery to Papilior at any point of time, please check out the Papilior Buy-Back Policy

Does Papilior charge for shipping, or is it free?

We do not charge any shipping fees when you buy a product from us. Shipping for new products is free, and always will be.

What happens in case I used a Coupon or a Discount Code when I bought Papilior jewellery that I now want to return or exchange?

In case any Coupons, Discounts or Promo Codes were used during the original purchase of your Papilior jewellery, then the exchange or return amount will be reduced by an amount equivalent to the Coupon, Discount or Promo Code availed on the purchase.

What is Transit Insurance?

All products that we ship out are sent with Transit Insurance, which means that they are insured against loss, damage or theft during transit. This insurance is valid only till the customer receives the product.


What are the ways by which I can pay for my Papilior product?

Papilior offers various payment options:

Cash on Delivery – COD
Net Banking
Credit Card
Debit Card

All your Credit/Debit card information is safe with us. Papilior and our trusted Partners (Payment Gateway), use the latest technologies to keep your data safe.

What happens if a rise or fall in prices happens after I have paid for an item?

Even if the price of an item that you have already paid for changes, your jewellery will be sent to you at the same price at which you bought it.

Is your payment gateway safe to use?

our payment gateway partners are world-renowned for safety and technology. All our transactions are conducted on secure pages, and the gateway is absolutely safe and secure.

How long will it take to get a refund for my jewellery?

your payment will be refunded to you within 15 working days.

How will I get my refund or money back?

Refunds are made in the same manner that the payment has been made to us. Money will be returned to whatever instrument was used for making the original payment:


Do I need to pay for shipping?

No. Shipping for new products at Papilior is free, and always will be.

What is the average shipping time of Papilior Products?

The average shipping time of Papilior products is 3 to 7 days after the product has been dispatched by Papilior.

Can I change my shipping address after I have placed an order?

For reasons of safety, it is not possible to change your shipping address after you have finalized your order on our website.

Who will deliver my product?

Papilior has tied up with a number of reputable Courier Companies. A representative from one of these companies will deliver your product at the shipping address designated by you.

Is my product secure during transit?

Yes. In order to ensure the security of your Papilior jewellery, we not only send it in a tamper proof box, but also provide transit insurance against theft, loss and damage.

What should I do if I find my packet open or tampered before delivery?

In case such a thing happens, and then you should not accept the delivery and call our Customer Care immediately.

What happens if the product arrived at my place but no one was present at the time to take delivery?

The courier or delivery agent will try to deliver your shipment thrice before returning the same to Papilior. However, once a product is returned, then the customer will have to bear the cost of reshipment.

Purchase and use question

How do I place an order on Papilior?

Papilior is an online platform where you can easily select and buy jewellery of your choice by using our convenient and easy online shopping portal.

How do I cancel an order?

you can cancel an order online and money will be refunded to you. In case you face any problems in cancelling your order, or in receiving your refund, please contact our Customer Care.

Will I get a conformation call from Papilior?

yes; you will get a confirmation call from Papilior right after your order is finalized.

What is the other way to place an order?

we are an Online business; Orders can only be placed online through www.papilior.com

Can I send my jewellery to another jeweller for repair and resize?

while you may send your jewellery to another jewellers for repair and resize, we will not be able to accept any such jewellery under our exchange, return, or buy back policies.

What if there is problem with the product delivered to me?

In case the product you have received is not to your liking, please get in touch with our Customer Care at the earliest.


What is Papilior?

Papilior is an in-house online jewellery store. We design and manufacture all our products ourselves.

Where is Papilior located?

the Papilior head office is located at Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Who develops jewellery at Papilior?

Papilior has an in-house production team. Most of the jewellery at Papilior is designed and developed by our own team.

Do you have a jewellery store as well?

No. We don’t own any jewellery store. All our products are sold online through our website.

Can I order customized jewellery from Papilior?

Yes you can order customized pieces from Papilior. We advise you to get in touch with our Customer Care team for customization of your piece.

Why should I buy from Papilior?

Papilior is a trust worthy jewellery store and all our jewellery is designed and developed by experts in the field. Some of the main reasons why Papilior rises above the rest are:

All jewellery sold by Papilior comes with a jewellery certificate, which is a proof of the originality and purity of the jewellery we sell. Papilior provides certificates from well-known organizations namely:

Gemological Institute of America-GIA

International Gemological Institute-IGI

American Gem Society Laboratories-AGSL

BIS Hallmarking

We offer you the most attractive prices for the most attractive and fashionable jewellery

Free Shipping

Lifetime Exchange of Products

Try at Home Option before you Buy

Lifetime Buy Back Policy

30 Days No Question Asked Return And Exchange Policy

A Number Of Payment Options

A Professional And Responsive Customer Care Team.

How can I contact Papilior?

you can contact us through the following means:

Toll Free: 1800-233-5550
Land Line: 079-26420555
Email: [email protected]