Diamond Jewellery and Gold Jewelry Stores/Shops Ahmedabad

Papilior is a solitaire, gemstone, gold and diamond jewellery store/shop in ahmedabad, offer rings, earrings, pendants, mangalsutra, nose pins, necklaces, pendant sets, chains, bracelets, bangles in gold and diamond at affordable rates in across the ahmedabad.


Diamond and gold ring

Diamond and gold rings are one of the highest sold jewellery units across glob. Widely used for daily were jewels. As specially used as wedding ring and engagement ring. At papilior we have range of more than 900 designs to choose from for man and women.

Orabelle Diamond Ring Hearts Desire Ring Classic Solitaire Ring Blush Rosalita Ring
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Diamond and gold earring

Gold and diamond earrings jewellery are very special for Indian women. Now a days women prefer light weight and comfortable solitaire diamond studs or gold studs for daily use. For occasional use Indian women still prefer heavy chandbalies, jumkhas or chandelier earrings. We at papilior serve all type of gold and diamond earrings in Ahmadabad as well as India.

Karishma Gold Earring Priscilla Gold Earrings Vine Diamond Earring Drift Diamond Earring
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Diamond and gold pendant

Gold and diamond pendant jewellery are generally match with earring in India and Ahmadabad. We at papilior offer more than 700 designs in gold pendant, diamond pendant, as well as solitaire pendant.

Crown Solitaire Pendant Aura Gold Pendent Prosper Diamond Pendant Dahlia Diamond Pendant
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Diamond and gold mangalsutra

Diamond and gold manglautra jewellery are used as symbol of wedding in Hindu tradition. Made with gold and diamond pendant attaching black beads chain. We offer more than 200 designs in India as well as in ahmedabad.

Erisha Diamond Mangalsutra Sahana Mangalsutra Mayuri Gold Mangalsutra Esha Diamond Mangalsutra
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Diamond and gold bangles

We offer more than 100 bangles design in India and Ahmadabad. Ranges from about 35000 to 3 lacks. All our diamonds are certified by IGI and bis hallmark.

Twine Gold Bangle Myriad Gold Bangle Idaya Gold Diamond Bangle Sinuous Diamond Bangle
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We at papilior offer all jewellery manufactured in our in house manufacturing facility in Ahmedabad, C. G. Road. All jewellery we produced are passes thru strict quality check supervisions. All our jewellery has three layer of quality check. Finishing of jewellery is checked by independent QC checker in our factory. All our diamonds are certified by International Gemological Institute. And gold is hallmarked by BIS hallmarking centre.

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