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  1. acanta gold pendent
    ₹10,080 ₹10,800
    Save ₹720
  2. bellatrix gold pendent
    ₹11,248 ₹12,051
    Save ₹803
  3. aura gold pendent
    ₹17,477 ₹18,725
    Save ₹1,248
  4. amoret gold pendent
    ₹10,772 ₹11,541
    Save ₹769
  5. abraxas gold pendent
    ₹22,409 ₹24,009
    Save ₹1,600
  6. dorcia gold pendant
    ₹20,851 ₹22,341
    Save ₹1,490
  7. golden trumpet pendant
    ₹9,950 ₹10,661
    Save ₹711
  8. goldKrone pendant
    ₹13,108 ₹14,044
    Save ₹936
  9. plush matrix pendant
    ₹5,537 ₹5,933
    Save ₹396
  10. golden gate pendant
    ₹5,840 ₹6,257
    Save ₹417
  11. trio papilio kreis pendant
    ₹14,665 ₹15,713
    Save ₹1,048
  12. wispy trigon pendant
    ₹14,665 ₹15,713
    Save ₹1,048

Gold Pendant Online at Best Price

The thing about gold is that one can always be in awe of it, it moulds itself into the most beautiful jewellery in the world and increases the shine and pride or both men and women. While through popular belief it's known that women are absolutely crazy about jewellery and as you may have it, gold indeed holds a special place In their hearts. Designer gold pendants for women available among collections representing the most amazing theme and gold pendants for men make thoughtful presents too. 

Different Styles of Gold Pendants Designs Papilior offers:

- Gold heart pendant as a romantic gift or you is buying for yourself. A heart is a perfect symbol of love and wearing a chain with a fancy heart pendant is great for casual ensembles, but it works with formal outfits, too. 

- A Modern diamond studded white gold pendant is sure to turn your heads give you a classic look when worn with a chain necklace. Italiano collection pendants are also wonderful types of pendants. These pieces are quite rare, but they are very stunning. 

- Gold filled two tone and three tone pendant is available in two classic colors. Papilior provides gold pendant sets that are a fusion of traditional, modern designs and different sizes to cater all needs. 

You can choose a quirky number from the Papillon collection for all your day outs or Tracey n truss collection for a dinner with cocktails. Find gold pendant below 5000 playful enough to suit little girls taste and an independent workaholic too. You can buy according to purity in 14kt, 18kt gold pendants or even 22kt gold. Just like gold itself, Papilior collections are flexible too, you have yellow, white & rose gold in options along with two tones and three tones in shade of gold.