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  1. chakrika navratna set
    ₹61,916 ₹67,597
    Save ₹5,681
  2. amaya navratna pendant set
    ₹33,793 ₹36,930
    Save ₹3,137
  3. navratna pendant set
    ₹46,148 ₹50,169
    Save ₹4,021
  4. akshita navratna set
    ₹74,186 ₹80,327
    Save ₹6,141
  5. philander diamond pendant set
    ₹13,254 ₹14,391
    Save ₹1,137
  6. idalia seed pendant set
    ₹40,843 ₹49,416
    Save ₹8,573
  7. claret pearl pendant set
    ₹45,240 ₹52,763
    Save ₹7,523
  8. apricot Ice fleur pendant set
    ₹49,260 ₹56,935
    Save ₹7,675
  9. ruby red tulip pendant set
    ₹25,660 ₹30,494
    Save ₹4,834
  10. purple crown pendant
    ₹42,179 ₹49,999
    Save ₹7,820
  11. moonstone cygnus pendant set
    ₹18,562 ₹20,710
    Save ₹2,148
  12. viola pendant set
    ₹35,696 ₹41,726
    Save ₹6,030

Gemstone Pendant Sets Designs Online at Best Price

Colours, oh! My, who doesn’t like colours. The sapphire, the emeralds, he ruby shine and more, gemstone pendant set brings out the playful side of you. The essence and power that gemstones bring s are unreal, they have this trendy yet royal appeal and that helps you look different from the rest. Why we lovegemstone pendant set designs are they are as playful as it can get, you can choose them over the regular sets at a mundane Monday or a social Saturday’s nod they work out just fine.

Gemstone pendant sets are something you have already have in your kitty, if not it’s something you should be on your way to buying now. This works very well if you’re an ethnic attire lover or a midi maxi dress type of girl. Play around with the stones and diamonds and customize something that looks bold yet elegant with amazing platforms like Papilor.