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  1. Baguette Channel Band
    ₹32,733 ₹40,601
    Save ₹7,868
  2. Star Diamond Stud Earring
    ₹14,260 ₹16,696
    Save ₹2,436
  3. Star Diamond Earring
    ₹17,338 ₹21,537
    Save ₹4,199
  4. Pear Diamond Earring
    ₹20,039 ₹25,644
    Save ₹5,605
  5. Peacock Diamond Mangalsutra
    ₹21,128 ₹24,589
    Save ₹3,461
  6. Baguette Diamond Channel ring
    ₹63,480 ₹81,374
    Save ₹17,894
  7. Quincy Diamond Bracelet
    ₹26,359 ₹31,721
    Save ₹5,362
  8. Baguette Diamond Ring for Woman
    ₹52,898 ₹65,980
    Save ₹13,082
  9. Kids Stud Wires
    ₹8,422 ₹10,787
    Save ₹2,365
  10. Baguette Channel ring
    ₹52,284 ₹65,772
    Save ₹13,488
  11. Baguette Diamond Mangalsutra
    ₹22,225 ₹25,957
    Save ₹3,732
  12. Square Diamond Mangalsutra
    ₹23,615 ₹27,683
    Save ₹4,068

Diamond Jewellery

Trendy Diamond Jewellery Designs Online India at Best Price

Glittering jewels are something every soul out there would want to possess. Well, you’ve heard correctly. Jewellery, at least in India is dear and is not purchased only as an accessory but also as an extremely reliable investment. Anything that can be weighed and valued in monetary terms can be put aside as the rainy day fund. Talking about diamond earrings everywhere will agree that today they would rather own diamond jewellery them self...Well, we sure have evolved with time and at our online jewellery store, we are donning modern, weightless diamond rings. We at Papilior are providing a range of diamond pendant sets made just for you. Something for everyone to compliment wherever you go in whatever you do. Flaunt that stone.

Special occasions call for special gifts. One of the most perfect gifts is one that conveys your love and blessings without saying anything. Something that can last a lifetime is ideal. Papilior has put all this together and come up with the perfect gift! Our range of diamond jewellery designs, is of a different purity and you can choose as per your wish.

Get a wide range of western as well as traditional contemporary designs in diamond mangalsutra suiting your taste. Finding the right diamond jewellery designs is the only task and voila! we bring to you a range of diamond pendants designed to cater to everybody's taste and pockets.

A treasure for those you treasure

Diamond jewellery India are gifted to those who are especially dear to you. Giving them a present on a special birthday or at a wedding makes the gift memorable. Papilior offers you a range of online diamond jewellery that are available 4 different diamond quality,
(1) VVS clarity EF color.
(2)VVS clarity GH color.
(3)VS clarity GH color.
(4)SI clarity IJ color.

You Must Education Before Buying Diamond Jewellery.