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  1. gemstone and pearl pendant
    ₹9,732 ₹11,718
    Save ₹1,986
  2. claret gold pendant
    ₹19,010 ₹20,209
    Save ₹1,199
  3. lucid diamond pendant
    ₹12,844 ₹15,492
    Save ₹2,648
  4. Blue moon pink Sapphire pendant
    ₹35,568 ₹40,902
    Save ₹5,334
  5. blue moon blue sapphire diamond pendant
    ₹31,026 ₹36,360
    Save ₹5,334
  6. golden bells pink sapphire pendant
    ₹32,457 ₹39,015
    Save ₹6,558
  7. golden bells blue sapphire pendant
    ₹30,974 ₹37,532
    Save ₹6,558
  8. golden bells yellow sapphire pendant
    ₹30,974 ₹37,532
    Save ₹6,558
  9. pearl punch diamond pendant
    ₹5,584 ₹6,321
    Save ₹737
  10. link diamond pearl pendant
    ₹6,972 ₹8,173
    Save ₹1,201
  11. cross diamond pearl pendant
    ₹8,835 ₹10,004
    Save ₹1,169
  12. papillion pearl pendant
    ₹6,277 ₹6,719
    Save ₹442

When we talk about precious jewellery pearls instantly come in mind. They are the simplest form of jewellery yet exude so much grace, the look and feel of pearl jewellery leave you with an attractive and sophisticated elegance. Pearl pendants specifically bring the attention towards your neck jewellery easily and because they are a sign of minimal jewellery with pearls Less is always more. Here you can find pearl pendants designs for the everyday look, the evenings out With that special someone or even work wear. 

Daily Wear Pearl Pendants complete an ensemble, you don't have to do a lot when you don pearls as they speak the independent, powerful and ambitious language perfectly. Also, these are fusion jewellery - if you are looking for pearl pendants for women and do not want to go entirely ethnic or irrelevantly modern go for Pearls. Just like diamonds; pearls also signify endless Love as they go through a process so harsh but come out shining brightly and extremely precious.