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  1. gold s initial pendants
    ₹4,396 ₹5,040
    Save ₹644
  2. diamond l Initial Pendant
    ₹6,860 ₹8,156
    Save ₹1,296
  3. diamond b Initial Pendant
    ₹7,481 ₹8,953
    Save ₹1,472
  4. diamond g Initial pendant
    ₹7,955 ₹9,427
    Save ₹1,472
  5. diamond i Initial Pendant
    ₹7,002 ₹8,314
    Save ₹1,312
  6. diamond r Initial Pendant
    ₹7,451 ₹8,987
    Save ₹1,536
  7. diamond z Initial Pendant
    ₹7,335 ₹8,662
    Save ₹1,327
  8. diamond y Initial Pendant
    ₹9,185 ₹11,055
    Save ₹1,870
  9. diamond x Initial Pendant
    ₹8,559 ₹10,159
    Save ₹1,600
  10. diamond w Initial Pendant
    ₹7,145 ₹8,473
    Save ₹1,328
  11. diamond v Initial Pendant
    ₹6,693 ₹8,229
    Save ₹1,536
  12. diamond u Initial Pendant
    ₹6,820 ₹8,166
    Save ₹1,346

Latest Initial pendants Designs Online

Customization is a lovely thing when incorporated in gifting as it showcases the personal touch and not just the material aspect. Papilior brings you one such option in fine jewellery that can be used as personalized gifts – cost-effective, the most simple and subtle jewellery available separately in gold pendants and diamond pendants, beautiful and personal gift ideas too. Letter pendants are fun jewellery, you can find your initial and your loved one’s initial too and use them as customized presents. 

Alphabet pendants are versatile as they suit all age groups and are made for both male and female, gold pendants for men look stunning and diamond pendants for women look ever so trendy. When we look to shop for fine jewellery we factor in a lot of things like cost, liking, shelf life and most importantly usage. The good thing about initial pendants is that they can wear with absolutely anything.