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  1. 0.50 ct princess solitaire pendant
    ₹71,948 ₹95,088
    Save ₹23,140
  2. 0.50 ct heart solitaire pendant
    ₹69,938 ₹92,482
    Save ₹22,544
  3. round solitaire halo pendant
    ₹100,139 ₹132,581
    Save ₹32,442
  4. clubs solitaire diamond pendant
    ₹38,218 ₹49,345
    Save ₹11,127
  5. diva solitaire pendant
    ₹24,756 ₹31,681
    Save ₹6,925
  6. awestruck solitaire pendant
    ₹24,300 ₹31,262
    Save ₹6,962
  7. heart prong solitaire pendant
    ₹24,898 ₹32,239
    Save ₹7,341
  8. princess love solitaire pendant
    ₹33,439 ₹43,911
    Save ₹10,472
  9. v shape princess pendant
    ₹52,973 ₹69,124
    Save ₹16,151
  10. halo solitaire princess pendant
    ₹79,302 ₹103,734
    Save ₹24,432
  11. crown solitaire heart pendant
    ₹44,555 ₹58,616
    Save ₹14,061
  12. halo solitaire pendant
    ₹102,839 ₹135,982
    Save ₹33,143

A Solitaire Pendant has an Amazing Style and Elegance in Yourself

Solitaires are heartwarming jewellery, pendants are divine and the blend of the two is like falling in love. These pendants for women are flawless jewellery and never fails to be the star of the show. Solitaire pendants designs are head turners and can make you the life of the party in no time. These pendants work wonders as anniversary presents and are very much appreciated as office wear jewellery too. Solitaires pretty much speak for themselves thus when Trying to make a statement at work these can be great little helpers and attract the attention towards your dedication. 

Office Wear Pendants needs to choose with a lot of care as you want to match up the professional look and Solitaires do just that. The best thing about solitaires is that if you go for a single stone you can keep up with the trends and always the settings later as per new designs. 

Browse Solitaire Pendant Sets now to indulge in an experience like never before.