The Wedding bells are ringing with the wedding season coming up. While you may be making your trips to the parlor’s and getting decked up in your favorite colored outfit you sure want to prim them with the best accessories too.

When in Rome, do as the Romans and in this case the Big Indian Weddings and their fun brings out the Desi avatar of a lot of people. Let’s compliment out roots and rituals with the trendiest accessories on the block. Bangles are love, diamond bangles are elegant and bangles are so much more.

When you buy accessories you are investing in fashion and yes you don’t want to just wear it once and store them away. You can put your trust in a brand like ‘Papilior” who understand the everyday women, their tastes and their busy schedules.

Varieties of Diamond Bangles

(1) Floral Designs Diamond Bangles

floral designs diamond bangle

When you’re pairing your golden borders and netted dupattas this season, go with the ‘Tiara Diamond Bangle’ to bring out the pastel colors and match shimmer with shine. Floral designs diamond bangles are so in fashion this season and a safe haven for bangle lovers.

2) Diamond Bracelet Bangles

Diamond Bracelet Bangles

The essence of elegance with the ‘Chatelaine Diamond Bangle’. Brilliantly crafted and exquisitely designed with a trendy curve speaks directly on behalf of the contemporary woman.  Diamond Bracelet Bangles are sophisticated in design as they make a  subtle accessory for a family get together as well as a day out

(3) Designer Diamond Bangles

Designer Diamond Bangle

The’ Roshni Gold Diamond Bangle’ is a one of a kind design, it not only reflects the beautiful traditional wear but also gives an extremely  novel look, the advantage of wearing Designer Diamond Bangles is that they are class apart, the diamond studded gold trends look great with ethnic wear.

(4) New Designs of Diamond Bangles

New Designs Of Diamond BanglesEvery girl surely does have a set of bangles given to her from her family, they would either be of her mother or grandmother, not only do they reflect tradition and love but also come with a lot of blessings. The New Designs of Diamond Bangles are made keeping  that vey thing in mind. The ‘Sinuous Diamond Bangle ‘makes sure that you wear something complimenting your attire along with giving that earthy look of the yesteryear.

(5) Bridal Diamond Bangles

bridal diamond bangle

So, wedding bells right? The bride surely needs to deck up for her special  day but her bridesmaid should look just as good beside her. When being the  bride’s entourage you need to look as prim and proper as the bride.  These Bridal Diamond Bangles will look perfect at the dance floor when  your honoring the bride and groom or when the shutterbug clicks  memories for you.

(6) Traditional Diamond Bangles

traditional diamond bangle

The Rose, you cannot deny the look or the love that we have for the authentic rose deisgn. This beautifully carved diamond studded and gold rose Traditional Diamond Banglesmakes your heart skip a beat.  Avaialble in 14k, 18k and 22k in various colors this is a piece that’s a must have. Put this on your list and many more by papilior.