This new year, let’s celebrate on a sweet and sparkly note with Diamond rings for every budget. Diamonds are forever, whoever said this certainly got it right; today this is the most versatile accessory and has the power to brighten up an entire look.

What’s a better gift than a rose? A rose gold diamond ring! Now within your budget.

Diamond jewellery has proven to be the most loved accessory and is now an integral part of our lives, from fashion, gifting to engagement and wedding rings; these laurels have made everyone fall in love with them.

The Platinum Budget - (50K plus)

If  your budget is somewhere around 50k and above, you’ll find beautiful, exquisite and one of a kind designs on papilior that focus on designer jewellery for men and women both. We thrive on in-house designing and each piece is made and crafted carefully. Most of these pieces make amazing weddings and engagement rings too. For this budget, you can find many designs suiting your taste in variations of gold and karats of diamonds. While our personal favorites are the intertwined ‘Circle Cluster Fest ring’, elegant looking ‘twin trail diamond ring’ and ‘Zach band for him’ we promise you a wide range of unique designs that you gift to your near and dear ones or happily flaunt.

Tip – Remember to ask for certificates of diamond/gold/gemstones and shop from a trusted jeweler always.

Circle Cluster Fest Ring Twin Trail Diamond Ring Zach Band For him

The Gold Budget – (20k plus)

When you visit we provide you with a complete shopping experience, now you can select designer jewellery from a budget starting at 20k. We believe that laurels should be affordable without compromising on quality and made for one and all.  Within our mid-range selections you’ll find ever trendy designs from elegant white gold crossover diamond rings to tri-color diamond studded gold ring. Check out the statement pieces here that are cosmopolitan in every sense and suits all types of attires, color schemes and environments – like our ‘Drop dead gorgeous ring’ Among this range you’ll find excellent designs that suit the formal look, business attire look and evening looks.

Tip – Jewellery care is vital when you shop for Fine jewelley, storing them correctly is the most important step. Always store Diamonds, Gold, Pearl and gemstones separately.

Crossover Curve Ring Trichromatic Gold Diamond Ring Drop Dead Gorgeous Ring

The Silver Budget –  (Up to 20k)

On the pocket friendly front we have a wide range of gold and diamond rings to choose from, the collections at papilior give you immense options in design and styles to suit everyday use, formal and casual wear. From diamond rings starting from as low as 8000 now you have the pleasure to gift your loved one something special without feeling the pinch on your pocket.  Collections like ‘Herz’ designed especially for the women today gives you cost-effective designs to choose from , while the ‘floret’ and  ‘Mankolam’ among many other shows you a variety of love in forms of Floral and Paisley shapes and styles to go with the different shades of summer, winter, autumn and spring!

Tip – You have the options to choose the karat and clarity according to your budget, make the most of it as when you shop from you receive a Guarantee of quality product.

Marguerite Paisley Diamond Gold Ring Om Shivay Ring Tracery Braid Ring